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Is This Plant Dro or Regular Weed Help?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by dopeboi420, Jul 1, 2008.


    dopeboi420 Active Member

    Hey guys i got this plant from a friend of mine about three weeks ago but dont know if is hydro or some bullshit bunk weed any comments would be great guys , im using fox farms pruducts , i got the soil and the nutrients for it i been using grow big for now and its getting big but i still dont know how many weeks the plant really is help out on that , also should i start using any other nutrients yet or just keep using grow big just to get it tall but before i start doing all this i just wanna make sure that is dro and that im not wasting my time on this plant please help me out people oh and also have all you guys ahd any problems with nirvana im talking about the law when you guys order them help i want to get white widow , and northern lights any suggestions help . i know they come in a discreet packet but just wanna make sure its all good yall know wat i mean , i was thinking of using my friends info and adress just to keep it kool .
    here are some pics
    [​IMG]man how i put pics any help thanks , im tryin i posted some in the plant pics people check them out for me please get back to me on that guys

    erbium Well-Known Member

    Hydroponics is soil-less . Any strain could be soil grown or hydro or even aero .
    northeastern lights

    northeastern lights Well-Known Member

    Are you serious? "Dro" is actually hyDROponic. It's a way to grow not a strand. Try reading a grow book.

    dopeboi420 Active Member

    damn im not a pro dude relax with yo dumb comment im here to learn not to be judge by a dumb fool like you . thanks anyway wanksta

    any how do i post pics with my threat help out guys

    Dirtyboy Well-Known Member

    There is 1 strain called dro. Dro is damn near any weed grown indoors. I grow in soil. I call mine dro. If i dont what should i call it. One cant tell the difference.
    OB Cron Kenobi

    OB Cron Kenobi Well-Known Member

    call it chronic- if it is seedless and deserves the name, call it sinsimellia

    But dro- is reserved for plants grown without soil in hydroponic systems, i could take your dro plant put it in soil, and it isnt dro, get it?

    Make a funny name up like all the other kids, or just call it chronic or dank- no reason to call it dro when it isnt, its a lie... and not even an encouraging lie.
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2008

    blackcoupe01 Well-Known Member


    littlebat Well-Known Member

    "Dro" doesn't mean good weed, it means that it was grown hydroponically -- in a soilless medium. Any plant can be grown hydro. If it's grown in soil, it's not hydro. Simple as that.

    It really helps to look around the site a bit before posting questions -- 99% of the info you seek is already here.
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2008
    OB Cron Kenobi

    OB Cron Kenobi Well-Known Member

    theres aeroponics as well, check that out.

    but people dont go around saying "yo you wanna smoke this aero bud with me" lol or however the street lingo works, its all stupid- similar to this thread, sorry, but its pretty redundant- questions been asked and answered and people just keep re-writing what others have written.

    Dirtyboy Well-Known Member

    I hear ya. I understand that dro is hydropontically grown. I also call it nugs. But as far as on the street i call it dro.

    littlebat Well-Known Member

    Ha! I guess the OP is just trying to be down wit da lingo. ;)
    OB Cron Kenobi

    OB Cron Kenobi Well-Known Member

    ob has never been the most IN. lol a bit of old schooler

    erbium Well-Known Member

    He meant to say soil instead of water , at least I am pretty sure ....
    OB Cron Kenobi

    OB Cron Kenobi Well-Known Member

    lol yeah, thanks my bad... gonna go back and edit that ;)

    40acres New Member

    Why do you call it dro if it isnt? And by what "street" would you be referring to? Sesame street? Front street? Shakedown street?

    erbium Well-Known Member

    I don't like to correct people but didn't want the dude gettin more confused - you understand .

    Code420 Well-Known Member

    This made me laugh... but it sorta bugs me
    Dealers do it all the time, they just have some normal chronic and say its something special to move some product. I like to know what I'm actually smoking and what the grower called it not what the dealer felt like calling it or what he wants you to think it is. If its grown in soil its not hydrochronic or dro or whatever you wanna call it, its just smoke. Ive gotten fake bubba kush a few times and pisses me off.

    GAMEBRED Well-Known Member

    People around here called any good weed dro cause they thought that was the only way you could grow really good weed.Now that some have learned a few things they have different names for it.
    Headies,Beasters,Nugs few others i can't think of.I always just called it "some of that 100 a 1/4 shit" rofl

    Mitsuomi Active Member

    The best tasting weed comes from soil...the high is the same varies by strain and how you treat em...the only difference with soil and hydro is that hydro tends to grow larger plants at a faster rate. So hydro is better for yield in most cases when compared to soil...but the taste of soil grown weed is much better imho.

    stizikle Active Member

    haha this kid called someone a "wanksta" LMFAO yo yo yo aight!

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