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Is this looking good for week 6?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by RodriguesIV, Jan 6, 2013.


    RodriguesIV Active Member

    Took this sample at week 6, is this looking like it might be some grade A smoke when ripe? It's G13 pineapple express. I had a friend look at it and he thought it might be lacking potency but I don't know since I've never grown anything to be proud of yet.

    IMG_0065.jpg IMG_0064.jpg IMG_0079.jpg

    JayJayDaStoner Active Member

    yeah man looking nice! good job! whats your feeding schedule like?

    Have you got a 30x+ jewelry loop or had microscope?

    I have one of these growing right now and my last one finished at about 11 weeks!

    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

    looking excellent at 6 weeks :eyesmoke:

    welshsmoker Well-Known Member

    been growing them for a while now, great bag appeal but not very strong at all imho.

    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

    i just started growing them, have done 2 runs so far, and that has been my experience as well.

    looks great but the high is mediocre. of course, a lightweight like me enjoys a mediocre high.

    RodriguesIV Active Member

    Is this a situation where trichomes don't necessarily indicate potency? What about the strains that don't have visibly strong trichome coverage, can those be even more potent than pineapple express?


    RodriguesIV Active Member

    I put 40ml of FloraNova and 25ml of Calmag in 5 gal every other watering and I water twice a week so they get fed once a week. I've been checking trichomes and they just started to turn cloudy but no amber.


    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

    not sure. i don't really look at trichomes, i just watch the plant for readiness and harvest then. but it's still pretty good, just not top shelf high good.

    i would guess so, it can go both ways i'm sure.

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