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Is this just nitrogen deficiency or.........?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by makeshift, May 26, 2013.


    makeshift Active Member

    I've got yellowing and necrotic leaves that look like nitrogen deficiency, but im a newbie so I just want to check.
    This is my second grow, and I didn't get this the first time around.

    This has been going on for ages, but I've nuted with nitrogen for their whole life. They're one week into flowering now, so I have flushed and started on flowering nutes. Should I be adding some nitrogen? It just seems like a strange thing to do during flowering. Any feedback greatly appreciated, cheers guys.
    DSC00418.JPG DSC00419.JPG DSC00420.JPG DSC00421.JPG DSC00422.JPG DSC00423.JPG
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    I add a little Fish emulsion for some N in Flower,Heres a chart.

    churchhaze Well-Known Member

    What are you feeding the plants? It's possible it could also be a potassium deficiency. What is the NPK of the food?.

    makeshift Active Member

    I had been using blood and bone NPK:8.3.6, using about 5ml every 2 days between 2 plants. Should I have been using more? I'm now using 4.14.10 for flowering - should I go back and add more blood n bone, even though they're in flowering?
    EDIT: sorry somebeech, just reread your post, I'll go ahead and add some more blood and bone. Any suggestions to quantity/ period to do this over
    Bilbo Baggins

    Bilbo Baggins Well-Known Member

    Cant comment on the range of Nutrients you are using mate but looking at the pics I'd say that yes, it is nitrogen deficiency, not serious and to add a little more to try and stop it progressing. I feed nitrogen during the entire grow with Biogrow as recommended, but then you need to tune in to the particular ferts you are using to see if doing that is recommended or not, I'd also give them a dose of Epsom salts, adds some magnesium which tends to green things up a bit ( Half a teaspoon per litre, One feed only 2 weeks before the end of vegging and again 3-4 weeks into flower ). good luck mate

    churchhaze Well-Known Member

    I'd hold off on the bone meal, but do use the blood meal.

    Fish emulsions are great if you can stand the smell, but is low in potassium. Higher phosphate than you need will really throw things out of whack.

    Adding Mg will block out potassium if you don't actually have a Mg deficiency.

    WAZZER Member

    3 things 1 the colour of the stems being to cold 2 colour of your stems and leaves is nitrogen 3 your ph is out of wake .make sure your temps are in check your ph is good if thats all good give it hit with nitrigen and you will be on ya way bro.

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