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Is this a nitrogen or magnesium deficiency?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by caca24, Jun 7, 2017.


    im4satori Well-Known Member

    ya even a 1/4 dose that's still 2.5 to 3 mls per gallon

    anything over 1.5 would be too much N

    at 2.5 mls per gallon the N is super high, the P is fine and the K is low

    if you convert the % amounts its

    189ppm N (way to high almost double)
    40ppm P (fine)
    77 ppm K (low)

    so theres no doubt you've over fed the N with that dose

    caca24 New Member

    This would account for the claw and the burned tips.

    Is your opinion that I am having a nitrogen overdose and magnesium deficit?

    With the yellowing top leaves now it looks like an iron deficit too. :(

    From what I read, plant stress can display things similar to nutriment deficiencies.

    If we go back to my first post, I had not given anything to the plant except water but I was still experiencing yellow lower leaves. Is it probable that via a single dose, I pushed it from nitrogen deficiency to nitrogen overdose? How does the magnesium come into play here?

    im4satori Well-Known Member


    im4satori Well-Known Member

    your lower leaves where yellowing and the plant was asking for some food

    possibly several things if you hadn't fertilized

    then you jambed a bunch of N down her throat and she got sick from too much and the leaves curled down

    who knows you could also be lacking iron

    without a properly balanced fertilizer your not going to get passed your issues

    whats the iron % in the fertilizer you have/used?

    post a recent pic

    caca24 New Member

    I think it looks slightly better than just before I watered it.

    Here it is:


    Fertilizer details
    Guaranteed Minimum Analysis

    Total Nitrogen (N) 28%
    Nitrate Nitrogen 1.7%
    Ammoniacal Nitrogen 0.3%
    Urea Nitrogen 26%
    Available Phosphoric Acid (P2O5) 14%
    Soluble Phosphorus 6.1%
    Soluble Potash (K2O) 14%
    Soluble Potassium 11.6%
    Calcium (Ca) 0%
    Magnesium (Mg) 0%
    Chelated Iron (actual) (Fe) 0.100%
    Chelated Manganese (actual) (Mn) 0.050%
    Chelated Zinc (actual) (Zn) 0.050%
    Chelated Copper (actual) (Cu) 0.050%
    Boron (actual) (B) 0.020%
    Molybdenum (actual) (Mo) 0.0005%
    EDTA (chelating agent) 1.24%

    im4satori Well-Known Member

    ya man.. I think its time to feed her again but

    that plants in bloom you don't want to use that fertilizer during bloom

    the iron is also very low

    theres no magnesium and no calcium whats so ever... it doesn't even have sulfur so its incomplete
    honestly it looks like something youd use on a lawn, along with some lime

    the plant does look better... its still showing magnesium def
    spray her with 1/4 tsp Epsom salt per gallon and again in 3 days...

    you need a proper fertilizer or something we can stack on top of this one that has high K and a good amount of the micro nutes like iron

    see whats available to you, take pics of the labels that shows the % amounts and what its derived from but don't buy it and post the pics so we can get you square before you buy
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    caca24 New Member

    Since i am in the great white north, my selection of fertilizers is limited. Everything I have seen in the big box stores is either miracle gro or scotts turf fertilizer. I will go to the plant store this weekend to see if I can score something better.

    Anyone got recommendations on something I could order online?

    im4satori Well-Known Member

    the general hydropic flora grow and flora nova is super easy and works well and its complete 8mls of one or the other per gallon full strength

    theres plenty of options

    maxi grow and maxi bloom 50/50 2 grams each for bloom full strength or 4 grams grow for veg

    these are both easy to use and complete and balanced

    caca24 New Member

    I bought some flora grow as it was the only readily available one that I could order. I should get it in a couple of days.

    I should go 50% strength on the first feeding right?

    im4satori Well-Known Member

    id give it
    6mls per gallon
    1/8 tsp Epsom (0.5 grams) per gallon
    3mls cal mag per gallon

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