Is there any Seed Bank site that Accepts PayPal payments??

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    str8_pimpin Well-Known Member

    I was wondering if any seed bank site like nirvana or goldenseed or ya know....accepted PayPal payments (NOT CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS). that ship to the United States.
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    primeralives Well-Known Member

    i havent found one, some take e checks if you have a checking account
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    dursky Well-Known Member

    here is a site that does.. lowryderxwwxak47

    northerntights Well-Known Member does, you have to contact them via email to set it up though. Their selection isn't the greatest but they are reliable and do ship stealth for a good price. If you want, try the northern lights female seeds they have. Due to genetic variability (so some plants are a bit different then others) in that seed they lowered the price so you can get female seeds at a great price. The site looks a bit ghetto but these are good people who are very professional.

    str8_pimpin Well-Known Member

    thanks im gonna check them out.

    boyusa2 Active Member uses paypal and they are a good seed bank

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    northerntights Well-Known Member

    you won't be disappointed! If you have germination issues, which CAN happen with xray exposure via US mail, give them an email, they sent me another pack free when my first had issues and it worked great. Hey let me know how you like the strain, I was eyeballing that myself, but I went with goldenskunk.

    KING_BONG Active Member

    ordered my blue moonshine seeds thursday night and i received them today, so im realy impressed by MARIJUANA seeds CANNABIS Seeds GOLDENSEED service and when i sow them ill keep you updated, the only thing that worried me is that the postman said he new what was in my parcel and asked if id sort him out :joint: when i was up and running, i just played dump which wasnt to hard to do:mrgreen:


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    abudsmoker Well-Known Member

    ^^^^ the person above has had a seeds bank before NGT quality genitics and they used to accept paypal

    nongreenthumb Well-Known Member

    The feds were called in and the operation was halted before it got off the ground but thats an old tale now that rears its head every so often

    abudsmoker Well-Known Member

    i heard both sides and don't give a shit either way. Better service than nirvana gave me this year! peace

    cali-high Well-Known Member

    LOL good times

    diddystyles72 Well-Known Member

    I went to a local supermarket and got a prepaid visa and bought some goods from the attitude seed co. give them a try they a great I think you can call them and everything I did it when I purchased my seeds so look them up

    zombie1334 Well-Known Member

    I'd say the prepaid visa or whatever is the best option for buying seeds with a card online if you want that. I personally don't think that you should ever order seeds with paypal/credit card online (espically in the USA) for security reasons. Just my 2 cents though. Peace & Love.

    Slane420 Active Member

    hey dont want to hijack this thread but are most of these sites you guys listed have stealth shipping?
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    PayPal will not handle payments for businesses that they know, or later find out, sell marijuana related/drug related products.

    Recently I ordered several pipes online and two of the businesses in the past did have a PayPal option but neither do now. One still had the link and when you used it you received a message saying the business could not accept PayPal payments.

    When I inquired why they stopped using PayPal both businesses said that PayPal informed them that they had learned that they sold drug related items and that was against PayPal’s policy so PayPal stopped accepting payments for their businesses.

    I told both businesses that they should contact PayPal and ask them if they think all the grow lights and hydroponics setups and fertilizers and everything else grow related that is sold on Ebay and that can be paid for using PayPal is all sold to people growing tomatoes or azaleas or if they feel it might be possible that some of those sales are to people growing marijuana and ask PayPal to prove they know for sure that none of the items they collect payment for that are sold on eBay are in any way drug related.

    I said it might be fun to hear some PayPal representative try to tap dance their way around that one when they have to know that a percentage of those items do end up used in a drug related way but they only continue to accept payment for them because of the volume of sales and the large profit to be made so they avert their vision and do not apply the same policies when it comes to earning a large profit but to keep up appearances they will strictly adhere to policy when it comes to small businesses that will not bring them the amount of profit that eBay brings them.

    In short I know of no seedbanks that accept PayPal payments and if there are any they will not last for long if and when PayPal discovers that they are selling beans.
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    For some reason some seedbanks will not accept prepaid credit cards. I think the reason is with a regular credit card the funds are guaranteed and with a prepaid credit card they are not. With a prepaid credit card it is basically an electronic check. They have to wait to see if the payment clears before they can ship because if they ship and then the payment is rejected because the balance on the prepaid card is to low they lost out plus they are still charged the same percentage by the credit card company, which ranges a good bit depending on whose credit card processing system they use, so they not only lose out on the sale and shipment but have to pay on top of it. So with a regular credit card they have security of payment but they do not with prepaid credit cards.

    Supposedly when the transactions are made electronic verification of the funds is verified, so they would know the funds existed, but if after the initial transaction is made the prepaid credit card is used again if that transaction or transactions are processed first/faster, as in someone in the U.S. using their card and a local business processing their transaction(s) faster than an overseas company might be able to do or if the company say does it only once a day, then the funds that appeared to be available when the transaction was made and the sale approved would no longer be there and without open credit to cover the transaction or the guarantee of payment if the business ships they may get stiffed and then still have to pay the processing fee on top of it.

    Also, and I may be wrong about this because I never read it from a credible source and have only been told it by people I know who are in business, who I do trust but understand that it may not be the same with every credit card processing business so it may be the case with them and not in every case, but I have been told that there is a higher processing fee/percentage for prepaid credit cards than regular credit cards so that cuts into a businesses profit and they tend to not care for that much so there is less incentive for them to accept prepaid credit cards.

    So it might be wise to email any seedbank you may wish to deal with and ask it they accept prepaid credit cards or not. I have to believe that some do but I have seen some where when you click on payment options under the credit card payment information is says they do not accept prepaid credit cards.

    As for security of using credit cards for payment of beans any seedbank that I have ever checked with about their billing, and some or most will tell you under their payment, billing and shipping information, is that they do not use names like The Attitude Seedbank on their transactions so credit card statements and debit card statements will not say The Attitude Seedbank and will instead say Attitude Gifts. I do not know what Reeferman’s seedbank uses now but in the past it was some generic name with novelties after it like Emporium Novelties or something.

    So it is not a blatant red flag waved in the air if someone uses a credit card or a debit card.

    I would still suggest using a money order, an international one in most cases since if someone lives in a different nation that is what would be required, but again paying by credit card or debit card is not the major red flag most people believe it to be, at least not in all cases and if someone is going to use a credit card or debit card they should be intelligent enough to search the seedbanks website for billing information and if they do not find the information email them and ask.

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