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Is there any hope!

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by bigjuhin, Oct 11, 2012.


    bigjuhin Active Member


    Heres a clearer picture , not sure if those are something all plants are going to have or if that's what you look for in a female. Help me out !
  2. Ideally we'd want a shot of the second node where the first true leaves emerged (3 bladed), however it looks like its still too early to tell, like brettsog said you'll see small green (sometimes they will have a crystaly appearance, more so as the plant matures) teardrop shape (pretty much teardrop size to) growths emerging from the top of the nodes (where the branch meets the stock), these are called calyx and each of them will have two thin white hairs poking out called pistils, this is the tell tale sign of a female, if however there are little green balls (pollen sacks) there then it is a male and unless your breeding get it away from the rest of your plants ASAP!

    bigjuhin Active Member

    Thanks!, looks like theres something growing there just not big enough to tell yet. Hoping on tears !

    errb Active Member

    I've never seen a sprout take off like that.. haha


    bigjuhin Active Member

    You mean size wise? Or just the way the leaves are ? : P Good or bad ?

    bigjuhin Active Member

    .. Might be because it was stretched to shit, then shocked so it stressed for like a week now its on week 3 and is growing like crazy for me.

    ziggys420 Active Member

    also put it in a bigger pot like a 3-5 gal bucket an drill holes in the bottem for drainage an transplant an only have about an inch or of that seedling popped outa the soil.

    bigjuhin Active Member

    Don't have the room for a bigger pot in my box, ill be topping the soil up a bit more but that's about it. Adding nutes sometime today, 1/4 strength rigjt now.

    bigjuhin Active Member

    Getting 2 42w cfls today, would be about 5000 lumens, only a small box you guys think ill yield something ?

    SteezyDee Active Member

    Yea you'll get something out of that.. Not much, but something. Make sure the box i lined with reflective material or atleast painted a flat white so you can get the most use out of your lights in that little box.

    bigjuhin Active Member

    Thanks man, you or anyone else use CFLs and know if 5000 lumens on a 12-12fs would be alright for a little 2x2x3 box. Would like some help! will be using 2 150w equivalents. I always see the HPS light charts and the MH charts but not the cfl one, that would help out alot too. Thanks


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