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is there a hydro soil?? or am i looking at this all wrong??

Discussion in 'Organics' started by Lemon king, Jun 30, 2013.

    Lemon king

    Lemon king Well-Known Member

    im a dwc grower and have never had good experiences with (excuse my ignorance) dirt. but after setting up a few plants outdoors, i have been very impressed. i have also noticed the plants seem healthier and the lowish maintenance compared to hydro has me hooked. the idea of plant and leave.


    every plant i have grown in soil has looked perfect but seems to take soooooo long to do much in soil, compared to my hydro.

    i have used coco+perlite. coco. hempy perlite buckets etc.

    bearing this in mind and the fact I KNOW i can grow in a soiless (nute free, sertile) materail e.g perlite hempy.

    IF I mixed 50% soil to 50% perlite i would have an organic soil bucket. BUT what if i mixed say 70 - 80% perlite with 30 - 20% soil....what would i have then, has anyone got any info on this i can not find anything!

    smokeytokeybear Well-Known Member

    70 percent perlite and your.still feeding and draining, you wont hold any h20 bearly
    on top of that youd prolly have to have your automated feed drip,

    i recommend taking the plunge, get you a.whole bag of organic soil"dirt",
    mix roughly 30%-40 perlite, yes soil is.slower imo, but hydro is just too much potential
    hazards for me
    Lemon king

    Lemon king Well-Known Member

    so do you think that if it was feeding and draining that it would work like hydro in terms of growth or do you think that the soil would need to remain more moist for longer in order for the plant to be able to take what it needs?

    Sir.Ganga New Member

    Any soilless mix like sunshine mix or pro mix is considered as a basic hydro medium. Personally I would change my hydro system. Look into different methods of hydro, rockwool cubes and slabs is a very good alternative. DWC has real issues depending where you live, here for example I have heating issues and require a cooling unit for my water, too much bullshit for me, adding more equipment just does not work for me and its just another thing that can break down. You have the basics down on hydro why change now?
    Lemon king

    Lemon king Well-Known Member

    no im talking about a SOIL and PERLITE MIX. just more perlite them soil. e.g 70% perlite + 30% soil. is there enough soil in the mix to be called organic and do what its sposed too do.

    and variety is the spice of life me ol mucker!

    GenghisKanGrow New Member

    I would say you just have a very aerated soil mix not particularly organic unless substrates of that 20 to 30 percent soil were already amended with organic amendments (kelp, etc etc), but most likely that soil you were talking about using is probably just some type of sandy, mulchy, and peat mossy type of mix, just taking a guess though good buddy.

    Happy growing

    blacksun New Member

    You will probably get better answers from people with experience on this subject in the World of Hempy thread, or the Drain to Waste forum itself.

    For example, some of the guys in the WoH thread have done perlite hempys with a soil core, which sounds very similar what you're looking for.

    If I remember correctly, they perform just about the same as pure perlite hempys, you still have to water and feed the same.

    bills767 Member


    Pattahabi Well-Known Member

    This is the organic section. I would look for passive hydro information for what you want to accomplish.

    If you were thinking of growing organic, read the Recycled Living Organic Soil thread (sticky), or at least the the first several pages.

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    foreverflyhi Well-Known Member

    Agree, ill repeat what was stated above, this is the organic section.

    So my organic awnser to the op is.

    Erase the hydro non sense, and learn how to grow SOIL. Build your own soil, and understand it, and keep it alive, i promise you will be growing BeTTER dank, with same if not higher yield, and at the same speed as you would hydro. The only reason your outdoor was "slower" is because its just that, OUTDOOR, its growing with a season as oppose to force flowering 12/12.
    The only positive thing i can think of that hydro has over soil is faster veg time. However i would argue that faster isnt better, plant tissue needs to grow naturally so it can build a immune system. Unlile freakish hydro that grows so fast it has no immune system which leads to heavy chemcial pesiticide use.

    Once agian, forget and dump the hydro myths, learn how to build and grow soil, and the cannabis will do the rest.

    You will never go back to hydro once you realize how much better your organic soil grown cannaabis is.

    Everything u need to know is here

    Also would like to point out injecting air into soil does not improve cannabis growth. Would be cool, but does not make a difference, I've seem countless experiments, all the same conclusion
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