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Is OG Kush hard to grow?Is OG Kush hard to grow?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Delta223, Feb 1, 2010.


    Delta223 Active Member

    Those of you in So Cal I'm sure know about this strain... a friend of mine went to a conference today and one of the experienced growers there mentioned OG Kush goes for a high dollar because it is harder/more time consuming to get it from the clone stage to ready for flowering... for vegetative phase is apparently almost 6 weeks! (flowering he said was fast though, only 8 weeks)

    rastajbd Active Member

    Well what you're buddy said was pretty spot on. OG can be gown in any regular growing circumstance as to any weed in general. But when grown to it's full potential a good strain of OG will completely engulf the room in it's stench of sweet pungent stink. The calyx's will also look like they have exploded for the really spot on stuff.

    I personally haven't grown the strain but plan to in my next batch of a new strain. I would highly suggest giving it a shot because I know if done right it's definitely worth it:joint::hump:

    super2200 Well-Known Member

    That goes for any strain.

    protopipe1 Well-Known Member

    Grew RP OG Kush #18, my last run, BEST I EVER Grew, in ease of the whole grow, she showed flowers faster than my other girls. And to top it off the taste, smell, and buzz make easily my all time favorite. I yielded 4 oz off the top colas and another 2 popcorn buds. Grown under 1000 watts HPS! So have fun with your grow! protopipe1

    Ps. I had an unexcpected apt inspection, that made me veg her just 2 weeks, then 7.5 weeks in flower, but potency and yield were not thst affected!
    Cap'n Jack

    Cap'n Jack Member

    I have some in solo cups in my closet right now. Slow as fuck.

    It was showing roots in the rapid rooter plugs. Same level of rooting as my Girl Scout Cookies and MOB at the time they went into solo cups.

    EVERTYTHING except the OG is puttng roots through the slits in the bottom of the cups into the seedling tray.

    As for the cookies, no they are not fortune cookies or misnamed. I got lucky.

    AlphaPhase Well-Known Member

    I'm growing Larry og and it's been a bitch to grow. It smells dank as hell though. But it's really finicky and being that this is the only og I've grown, it isn't any where near grown right or to its full potential.

    AlphaPhase Well-Known Member

    Oh, and cloning was easy with mine. Took 10 days to be transplanted. And mine stretched like crazy during flowering. It grows lots of small dense nugs

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