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is my plant ok for 5 weeks from seed

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by GreenFringers, Dec 4, 2012.


    GreenFringers Member

    Photo0073.jpg Photo0074.jpg Photo0079.jpg this is my plant 5 weeks from seed i'v flip it and toped it due to space it's been in flower for 2 weeks is it looking ok i'm seeing hairs this is my first grow really to see if i could grow one i'm using cfls 3x90watts and 2 100watts plenty ov fresh air going in i know im not going to get shit loads of bud just hope i get some to smoke the strain is lemon kush im using straight eights for feed i have some nuntes which is 10-30-30 i guess this is to much i haven't used it would it be to strong for the plant due to it's size thanks..RESPECT..

    McGrower420 Member

    looks good

    kvnbeach Active Member

    It looks great, I would do some fimming, pruning, trimming. If u trim a lower node off it gives a growth spurt to the next 2 nodes. Here is a pic of mine at 3 weeks under a 1000w

    2012-11-26_17-05-38_866.jpg 2012-11-27_08-42-32_329.jpg 2012-11-27_08-42-52_962.jpg 2012-11-27_08-43-04_238.jpg 2012-12-01_07-51-23_657.jpg I would feed her half those nutes to a third

    calicat Well-Known Member

    Looks healthy good job.

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