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Is my plant healthy? (Micro-grow, first grow, early flower)

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by asetter, Mar 7, 2018.


    asetter Member

    Hello, thanks for reading! So if you have read my previous posts you know my main plant (the big one) had many issues in seedling stage, all my fault. First mistake, dropping a cfl on her and breaking her stem, luckily she survived and made a full recovery. Second not enough light, which was really not good as a female really shouldnt be as stemmy as that. And third overwatering, this almost killed her as it did my other plant, luckily I was able to use a few means of fixing the issue and she recovered.

    I am leaving to hawaii the beginning of april and no one is available to maintain her, so I decided to do a little micro grow and changed the light cycle to 12/12 last Monday. Lots of prebuds (white hairs) tell me its a female (it was bagseed), and I really am just wanting to know if she is healthy. I am not using nutes, just a 1/10 urine to water mixture as fertalizer, which I have been using since veg started. My lights really arent enough to grow much bud but even a little bud is fine with me (but I also saw this, so maybe I will get an ok yield). I just switched from using 2 23w CFL's to 1 23w CFL and 1 23w LED. Hoping the led will get some better growth and results for flowering but I really have no clue.

    I topped the plants a few weeks ago and now am using LST to bring the new tops down to where the the others are, and bring the others up close to the new tops. Hoping this will not only increase bud (not sure it will) but give it more light exposure.

    I am sure I am making big mistakes (besides the obvious lighting issues as mentioned) so if you notice any please leave a reply, greatly appreciated!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Ringsixty Well-Known Member

    How long will you be in Hawaii?
    Since it will be in April. At least the stretch will be done.
    Make sure you figure a way to get them watered and give nutes ahead of leaving.
    Welcome to Hawaii.:peace:

    InigoMontoya Well-Known Member

    Pretty happy looking plant to me. I'm doing a little micro grow myself right now. You switched to flower so you can harvest before you have to leave or so they're close to the end when you get back?

    asetter Member

    I'll be away for about 8 days beginning of april, not sure how they are going to get watered or fed though :/

    asetter Member

    I switched almost 2 weeks ago hoping they would be able to be harvested before I have to leave but they probably wont be. Not sure how fast or slow this strains flower cycle is (OG Strawberry) so like I said, would be stoked if she was done by the time I have to leave, but wouldn't be surprised if not.

    SwiSHa85 Member

    If your only gone 8 days you can probably get away with it, if you can find someone to water her once. Water her right before you walk out the door and have someone water her on day 4 of vacation. Guess this really depends on your container size. If it's small scratch what I said.

    asetter Member

    Couldn't find the volume of it on the actual container, but just calculated it is about 2.4 Gallons

    SwiSHa85 Member

    I would say 3 gal min to make it 4 days depending on how thirsty she is. Hell ive had a plant in veg go 6-8 days with nothing. Yea it looked like shit but 30 min after watering she perked back up.

    asetter Member

    I also noticed that (after I bought it) the package of soil says on the bottom "Water retaining" which is probably good because I only have to water every 4-6 days anyways. Maybe one of those bulb things with the long stems that "automatically" water plants, though I am not sure that would work

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