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Is It Possible To Make Your Weed Smell 10x's Better?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Grkcrip, Feb 9, 2009.


    Grkcrip Active Member

    Sometimes I Feel Like The Weed I Smoke Has An Added Smell.....As If They Added Something To Make It Smell A Lot Better...Like I Can Almost Taste Something Odd While Im Smoking....

    What Do People Add To Their Weed To Make It Smell Better? Besides Those Nasty Drops...

    gotkush? Well-Known Member

    whats that you wanna know? how do you want it to smell?
    AJ Toker

    AJ Toker Well-Known Member

    Dry and cure it properly. Grow a potent smelling strain.

    djritz Member

    There is something people are using. Iv thought this before, but wasent sure.. Tonight I just coped like 7gs. Off a last resort, I dident really trust. anyways it was some green bud. I rolled a blunt:joint: adn right away i noticed it tasted like they put something in it.. maybe during the grow process like bug spray? or vitimins. something, or maybe it was something put on it right before it was served to me..
    Right when i got it it smelt extreamly stong. No lie very strong, But the weed dident look like it would smell that bomb.

    I wanna know what ppl be puttin on there shit 2 make it smell like some super dro. tho lol..

    YungMoolaBaby Well-Known Member

    Cure. Curing is one of the most essential things to great tasting dope. That and flushing.

    EarlyMisty#1 Active Member

    Sometimes the weed I get tastes like shit! Chemical south central, makes you go 'wut'.

    cackpircings Well-Known Member

    They are all right curing is the most essential, but most of all it has to do with the strain… I grow two different types of weed fruity, and skunky. If you don’t give your weed the right amount of time to dry and cure it’s not going to smell as good as it should. Smell doesn’t make the weed though. I get into it with people about this and it drives me crazy. I have had weed that smelt like God himself came down and made sure that it smelt so good, but it didn’t get me really all that baked, but on the other side I have had dried up old grass smelling shit that took me to Mars and back the long way. Point is, it’s all about the strain, drying, and curing.
    Johnny Retro

    Johnny Retro Well-Known Member

    Pour some red kool aid on it...
    always worked for me ;-)

    Mcgician Well-Known Member

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    DSoHigh Member

    it's probably some shit to mask the smell in transit.

    nraged Well-Known Member

    Someone farted in my bag and told me it was organic. Seriously though never have heard anything like this. To the guy putting red cool aid on his stuff thats just wrong. I dont believe there is a product to make you weed smell better. Im sure people try but you should be able to distinguish the smell of weed or the smell of some shit that has been altered by cool aid lmao. It is possible you smoke some stuff that smells great but just isnt potent. I have ran across this many times was fooled by the smell and looks but was dissapointed by the taste and the high.

    Maybetomorrow Well-Known Member

    Its called tasty puff and alot of people put in on the weed around me. I think it takes like crap and have had to stop people from putting it on there shit. Tasty puff make some many flavors its just to hard to keep up with. That about it for flavoring of weed. Or orange peels when drying to give a better aroma.

    darkdestruction420 Well-Known Member

    if it tastes real bad but smells good it probally wasnt flushed. just my opinion. tastypuff? never heard of it, i'd stop people from putting it on my weed too, its perfect just the way god made it. (lmao, religion is funny)

    Maybetomorrow Well-Known Member


    darkdestruction420 Well-Known Member

    cotton mouth candy? thats funny as hell. lmao

    Maybetomorrow Well-Known Member

    I would never use the stuff because I enjoy the taste of mother nature in my mouth. Crazy names for a crazy company.

    KP2 Well-Known Member

    iron is a flavor enhancer.

    stoned1 Well-Known Member

    yeah kool-aid that will work.yeah right

    DSoHigh Member

    what I before harvest you flushed with red kool aid instead of water?? LOL would it add flavor or kill the precious girls?
    fried at 420

    fried at 420 Well-Known Member

    theres shitty tasty puff

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