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is it possible to grow cocaine?

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by j0d1w388, Sep 16, 2008.


    j0d1w388 Active Member

    well is it

    jollygreengiant8 Well-Known Member

    sure, you just need to get some feminized coco seeds.
    then switch your lighting to 12/12 and you get rocks:confused:

    this is a weed growing forum if you havent noticed

    we dont really do that here

    Allgood Well-Known Member

    Yes and this is the hallucinatory section which also seems to get used for other non hallucinatory drugs, all that are not mj so the O.P has the right section.

    To the O.P, yes cocaine comes from cocoa. The process in turning coca to cocaine is probably too complex for most small time growers, also you need a lot of coca leaves to make coke.

    Apparantly you can just chew the leaves straight from the plant and it gives you a buzz but I wouldn't know. Can anyone confirm??

    AlphaNoN Well-Known Member

    Good luck getting legitimate Erythroxylum coca seeds, but buy in bulk if you do as it takes about 5 years for mature plants and 50 pounds of dried leaf to create around an ounce of cocaine.

    cxt Well-Known Member

    Yea it does give you a buzz but there's nothing recreational about it, it can be chewed or made into tea. I've chewed it hiking in Peru and all of the locals use it, it's a stimulant to give you energy and suppress hunger. But you're probably going to have to go to South America to get it because it is still very much illegal to import to the US.

    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    you need alot of them tho

    naturalhigh Well-Known Member

    i have looked into this.. however to find the seeds..or berry is what there called is rare and only comes by once or twice a year...unlike pot seeds the seeds are in a berry and they only last 2 to 3 months once picked.. there are 3 main types of are are a few places on the net that sell these...but they more soo sell saplings and smaller plants..thats the way there usually shipped cuz it takes forever for the seeds to germ and it takes forever for them to grow... however you can buy coca leaves..and they sell them as teas...
    but coca requires a very precise climate ..and if you have a room with full control its very possible to grow coca...

    Cyndrindale Active Member

    Ya you need to grow tons of Cocoa leaves then extract the main chemical from the leaf using an alcohol based solvent. Spread the goo over a large area to dry and whala you got coke. Keep in mind pure cocaine is very sticky and needs to be cut before you can sniff it.

    freddythekruger Well-Known Member

    haha. the title of the post made me laugh. sorry i dont know anything about it though.
    Doctor Pot

    Doctor Pot Well-Known Member

    You can buy coca tea on the internet, if you order it from another country. I've had it, and it's about as stimulating as regular tea, but without a lot of the negative side effects of caffeine. I bought the stuff I have in Chile, but it's more popular in Bolivia. You could make cocaine out of it, but you'd probably have to buy so much of it that it wouldn't be worth it.

    DWR Well-Known Member

    i would realy love to take the best cocaine on this planet.... just to see how shit the stuff was i had when i was takin it... then i would b happy ^^

    haha........ mmmm cocaine...... that smell ...... ahhhh lovely....

    cant talk anymore

    Diabolic Active Member

    yea thats how cocaine is made from growing coco leaves. You can actually eat the leaves but I hear it rots your teeth haha..

    crazedtimmy Well-Known Member

    Cocaine make the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, but this is a pot forum...

    Capita Well-Known Member

    1kg of coca leaves = about 1g cocaine... think about how much 1 kg is of coca and how much you would have to grow

    hom36rown Well-Known Member

    ha, yeah youd need a whole fucking field of the shit to make anything worthwhile

    rajsuperskunk Active Member

    i may be wrong but doesnt it take like 700 pounds of coca leaves to make a kilo of cocaine? but i bet if u did it u could make alot of money cause itll be so pure. id just go to bolivia and get a kilo for bout a $1000 dollars, sell it in u.s and make $40,000 easy. or better yet sell it gram for gram and make even more money:mrgreen::mrgreen:

    nvirgo79 Well-Known Member

    but what about some hydro cain??? what if you could grow so dank it resin came out?? who's with me?
    Shpongle Spores

    Shpongle Spores Active Member


    DaGambler Well-Known Member

    i will grow coca plants... but only for the chocolate !!! :D

    dam8065 Member

    If you chew the leaves you can magnify effects considerably by using a catalyst substance. There are a few different types available but the best one we found was I believe just bicarbonate of soda. You just need to chew the leaves a little with say about half a gram of bicarb until you have broken down the cell walls of the leaves to get the juices out and then just keep the lump of mush trapped between your cheek and gum and let the juice seep out slowly. From memory you can leave it there for a few hours if you want, just keep adding leaves slowly 1 or 2 at a time to regulate the effect. The leaves alone without the catalyst didn't really have any effect for me but it seemed quite strong with the bicarb. Taste-wise, the leaves have quite a distinct flavor. Not great when you have a mouthful of leaves but not too bad either. The tea's not bad but don't expect to get high from it.

    From what I remember of the Coca museum in La Paz, Bolivia, you need 328 grams of coca leaves for 1 gram of cocaine.

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