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Is it ok to smoke weed with mold on it

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by iblazethatkush, Apr 18, 2007.


    iblazethatkush Well-Known Member

    i just found some on a couple of my plants and picked the bud off the infected areas. So it's safe to smoke right, it won't make me sick or anything will it?

    k-town Well-Known Member

    well I heard a guy saying he could taste the slightest bit of mold in his weed and didn't like the taste so I would assume that it is safe but don't take just my word hopefully you can cause that would suck to have to scrap some weed if it came down to it I would seel that shit!

    how much of the weed gots mold on it?

    Hermes Well-Known Member

    when you burn the weed (with mould) it should kill off most the germs and shit.

    ive eaten small bits of mould on a piece of bread before (i wasnt aware of it till i saw the half eaten sandwhich with mould on it) and i was fine. so im sure you will be ok

    k-town Well-Known Member

    well that sucks that you ate a mouldy sandwich dude what was it a PB&J?

    euthanatos93420 Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure smoking mold is bad. I read an article by Ed Rosenthal (That dude is the shit, props to him) about this in CC and he reccomended making hash. Just throw the moldy stuff in with you leaves and such.

    7xstall Well-Known Member

    lol!! glad you're ok.

    tangential ramble: me and a friend skipped school one day went to his house and he pulled a carton of chocolate milk out of the fridge and turned it up to take a swig. instead of pouring the stuff _fell_ onto his face, making a slap noise. it was so rotten and old it became some sort of pudding. i was laughing and about to throw up at the same time, had to run to the bathroom. stood over the toilet cracking up and doing partial heaves for about 5 minutes....i was pretty much crying from laughing so hard!

    once you remove the molded parts you should be ok with the rest but i wouldn't smoke any of it (molded).. micotoxins can do a lot of damage when you inhale them and i seriously doubt you'd destroy them all with a few moments of open flame on the bowl...


    ViRedd New Member

    You haven't lived until you've experienced (and survived) a raging lung infection. Good luck.


    iblazethatkush Well-Known Member

    Alright, thanks you guys, i guess i'm not going to smoke it then...luckily it wasn't that much and i cleaned the whole room but i just hope it doesn't spread...is there is any other tricks besides what i already did (cleaned the floors and walls with bleach water)?

    NO GROW Well-Known Member

    You should be fine if you smoke it. It's not black mold or any other highly toxic mold. IMO

    videoman40 Well-Known Member

    Do not smoke weed that has mold on it.

    7xstall Well-Known Member

    using bleach was a great move but remember - mold and mildew is everywhere; the trick is to keep it from flourishing. humidity and temps are your main weapons.

    i'm not an indoor guy and if i recall correctly you are, but i can tell you this: if temps go down and humidity goes up mold gets happy.


    matcha Well-Known Member

    smoking moldy weed is a horrible idea... i know there are myths that there is a hallucinogenic mold that grows on weed (people thinks its ergot, maybe?) But there is also a prevalent mold that when smoked does cause a more or less incurable lung infection...

    To the people who said smoke it: You should look that shit up first, its way irresponsible to tell someone to do something when you don't know. Erowid or lyceum should be permanently book marked for any drug user.
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    matcha Well-Known Member

    Here's part of an article I found, its from High Times, 1993:

    "Fungi destroy more bud than bacteria and insects combined. Bacteria in
    marijuana may be more dangerous to humans, but they are rare. Molds are
    common, and can be nasty: Ramirez reports four policeman developing pulmonary
    histoplasmosis after pulling up a 5,000-square-meter plot of marijuana in
    Puerto Rico. Some fungi won't rot pot, but they will put you in the hospital.

    Many fungi causing disease in plants die off after their host is harvested.
    Exceptions include _Botrytis cinerea_ (the cause of gray mold) and _Alternaria
    alternata_ (brown blight). After harvest, your competition becomes
    _Aspergillus_, _Penicillium_, _Rhizopus_, and _Mucor_, the baddest actors on
    the planet. Each genus causes disease under different conditions:

    Ubiquitous _Aspergillus_ grows on anything from rocket fuel to astronauts. The
    genus is millions of years old; while _Home sapiens_ may come and go,
    _Aspergillus_ will remain. Westendorp first found an _Aspergillus_ species
    attacking _Cannabis_ in 1854. More recently, Margolis & Clorfene describe a
    mold that _increases_ potency in marijuana. Their "black weblike fungus"
    sounds like an _Aspergillus_ species. _What_ species, I'd like to know....

    Schwartz scraped _Aspergillus niger_ from the skull of a marijuana smoker
    experiencing sinus headaches.
    I frequently encounter _A. niger_ growing in
    ganja stored at room temperature. It does _not_ increase potency. Kagen also
    reports _A. niger_ growing in moldy marijuana, along with two _even nastier_
    Aspergilli: _A. fumigatus_ and _A. flavus._

    Chusid et al. blame _A. fumigatus_ for causing near-fatal pneumonitis in a
    17-year-old. They note the patient buried his marijuana underground for
    "aging." No doubt the patient was looking for Margolis & Clorfene's fungus,
    but _A. fumigatus_ found him instead. _A. flavus_, on the other hand, kills
    slowly. It oozes carcinogenic metabolites called aflatoxins. Llewellyn &
    O'Rear found aflatoxins contaminating Virginian marijuana."

    This article pretty much says that mold is prevalent in cannabis, and that the variety of common molds found on cannabis cause a number of health problems, including pneumonia, pumonary lesions, and all kinds of acute respiratory conditions.

    The whole article talks about some dangerous bacterias found in commerical pot, and some problem bugs, here's the link: http://dope.org/drugs/marijuana/misc/moldy.weed

    Dankside Member

    If its got mold don't smoke it - for your own good!
    man I can't believe how many people initially said it would probably be no big deal.
    You know if there were serious deaths or illnesses in any way related to MJ it would
    be from adulterated or moldy buds.
    Jesus just make some bubble or BHO.

    nuera59 Well-Known Member

    no no no. do not smoke that crap.
    Straight up G

    Straight up G New Member

    This is from Canabis Culture:

    Anyone who has smoked marijuana more than a couple times has most likely inhaled mold spores from marijuana. That may sound alarming, however its important to remember that you are likely to inhale the same or similar mold spores while taking a walk in the park. The most common type of mold, Aspergillus, occurs naturally in almost everything in nature.
    Most mold spores will have little effect on people with normal immune systems. If the mold is bad enough to cause problems, effects are usually respiratory breathing problems and flu like symptoms such as coughing, diarrhea and vomiting but can be more severe in people with other health conditions and/or a poor immune systems.
    includes info on the causes of mold, how to identify it on your weed, and how to prevent or treat it

    juleswinnfield Active Member

    i just bought a quarter last night, turns out its moldy weed...

    NinjaToke Active Member

    That hardcore blows, new supplier?

    juleswinnfield Active Member

    no hes usually good. i'm thinking now a new supplier would be nice, i'm just pissed it ruined my night and i got no more cash wondering what i should do with it

    MidnightBaker Active Member

    Personally no i wouldn't want to consume anything with unhealthy bacteria. You wont drop dead as a result but your body may not like your decision and you'll know...ohhhh you'll know when this happens

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