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is it ok to ash (joint ash) in your soil???

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by ManInTheShed, Aug 23, 2007.


    ManInTheShed Well-Known Member

    yeah , basically, my mate grew some potent skunk last year and he was ashing in the plants soil. so i have been doing this aswell, from when the plant was a seedling. even cigarette ash goes in their and it doesnt mind!
    i think this is because ash holds certain periodic nutrients and/or minerals that break down in the soil. it is a natural thing (from burnt trees in the forset which give nutrients to the soil) and ash from a joint also happens to be good for my plant! you should try it if you cant find your ash tray, the pot is an ashtray itself!

    Ralphie Well-Known Member

    i wouldnt fuck with it.. maybe its good though.. i smoke bud around mine now and then but i try not to smoke ciggarettes around them.. then again maybe the co2 in ciggarette smoke could help them out..
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    LAstoner Active Member

    from what i seen on the fourms ash's hold alot of nitrogen, but cig ash im not to sure if it good for your plant, tobacco is poisonous, unless boiled first, and made into juice to spray over the plants, good for killing those pesky spidermites. but i could be wrong im a newbie, maybe tabacco changes when it turns into ash, or hold the same properties. well enyways KEEP GROWIN ON.
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    tarnishd Active Member

    Ash can create an acidic solution... If I remember correctly from my childhood history classes :joint: ... If you mix Ash with water you get something called "Lye". You mix lye with fat to make soap, this soap is based on the caustic properties.

    See from wikipedia: "Lye is a caustic solution which is made from ashes and is used for glass, soap making, and certain food preparations and may refer"
    (direct link: Lye - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
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    xXKillerDroXx Active Member

    Ok well i was searching the site for an answer to the questions asked on this thread. No one really ever gave a definite answer on the subject and i was wondering if anyone knew positively if cigarette and joint ashes are good for your plant? :peace:

    SmokeyMcSmokester Well-Known Member

    im just gonna go ahead and say no..just water and nutes

    mastakoosh Well-Known Member

    also people have started fires by putting cigarettes out in soil mixed with perlite. perlite is flammable, i also realize you are just talking about putting the ashes in the soil. i stubbed a cigarette out in my soil and the perlite started to smoke lol.

    xXKillerDroXx Active Member

    Thanks. But i did read on another site that ashes have 13 essentials for a plants growth. Can't remember which site it was though.

    mexsin13 Active Member

    Ashes from your joint have absolutely no value to your little baby's. It is even worse to use a cig's ash. Depending on what type of soil you are using most have a lot of nutrients that break up over time. Then with adding fertilizer to the mix you run the risk of burning your tap roots. Lucky for you you did not put enough ash in your potting soil to see a difference

    sirus420 Well-Known Member

    About the ashes I'm not sure but some other thread on here says that cigarette smoke is bad but weed smoke is very good for it because of it releasing co2

    NewGrowth Well-Known Member

    Pot. Ash Burned organic matter is a good source of potassium for plants but ash can alter soil Ph as well.

    Wood ash is most commonly used in some organic mixes. So who know man probably does not do much but I would watch your Ph.
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    mexsin13 Active Member

    Smoke is bad no matter what type of smoke it is Co2 levels in are natural atmosphere are high enough for sustaining healthy, happy grow rooms. Additionally oxygen which is only absorbed by the plant through the root system is also readily available in large amounts in the air surrounding us. The key is to have a good vent system going allowing maximum air flow. Co2 was introduced to grow rooms as a way to make plants adjust better to rooms with little ventilation. If you are using a co2 burner or co2 tanks on a timer that is set up for a specific room size and you go and smoke in the room you can actually do the plants harm, by giving them to much co2. Also smoke has other added toxic ingredients that any organic grower would never let get close to the room.

    rgrahamt Member

    i've read that smoke [any smoke, pot, cig or other] is bad for the plants because it can bind to them and cover basically their 'pores' where they adsorb chlorophyll from light. also from reading that would ash is use for fertilizer, i'd say ashing in your plant wouldn't add as much as adding ash for ferts. therefore other than adding a little bit of nutes [if it does], i don't think ashing in your soil will do much other than change your ph level a bit.

    source: a bit of research, and i do it occasionally too, haven't seen any change.

    grimdro Member

    Fuck yah!
    :bigjoint::twisted::weed:bongsmilie:blsmoke:alo mythbusters proved that music helps plants grow and metrl got an a+ ,so even weed prefers metal (

    grimdro Member

    i got 5 high grade but random bag seeds , [email protected] steralize my home made compost (dirt compost burry that smelly shit let worms deal with it) ,wish me luck(dont flip out animal hugers ima take out the worms before i bake da soil not a monster:fire:

    bradburry Well-Known Member

    Ash is an old old feed for plants potassium and other stuff idk?

    its been used for ...like...ever. :)

    iv got a metal dustbin in the back garden full.of any paper or wood for me to burn .....simple :)
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    Dr.Gonzales.erbalist New Member

    well . tiny amount of ash , cigarrete or wood, just a teaspoon per month , spread well arround the soil will help to maintain an alkaline ph , which is favorable for MJ since they like higher ph. but more than that can harm your plant. i do this and my girls like it.

    _MrBelvedere_ Well-Known Member

    Is it good to vape on the plants?

    mrblu Well-Known Member

    Cannabis does not like alkaline pH I dunno what that guy is talking about.

    Soil pH should never go over 7

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