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is it nessary to mix anything in pro mix befor you use it.

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Bethany420, Sep 14, 2012.


    Growingforpeace Active Member

    Is the one month cooking time required or could I go 2-3 weeks?

    Dg416 New Member

    What kind of nutreints do you use during flowering for this mix, and how often/long do you feed into the cycle. I'm thinking of useing this recipe and would like to know before I start vegging.

    Lordhooha Well-Known Member

    Holy thread revival batman!what I do is get promix bx, roots organic greenfields, and roots organic original take a big ass tarp dump all three in the middle and use the tarp to mix it up. This will last you thur veg depending on how long you veg and how big of pots your using. After that every three weeks I sprinkle roots nitro bat guano on top if in veg still or right before I flip to flower. After that use whatever grow nutrients your gonna use.

    Dg416 New Member

    Lol thanks for the quick reply, do you add any perlite or vermiculite to this blend.

    chronicals77 Well-Known Member

    I know this is old but something caught my attention. This cannot be a true organic mix because all pro mix has antifungals and chemical watering agents. Pro mix be, ect are not organic mixes. Also all general hydro products are organic derived from natural minerals. It cannot be classified as organic because of the cleaning/purifying and processing often minerals into a ph stable liquid form. It is not chemical in the sense that miracle gro is chemical. I got nothing but hydro and use nothing but GH products. They are fantastic products but have to be used as stated by the manufacturer and yes if a company says to flush there is good reason for it. Flushing removes salt build up with hardened on roots and reduces the rate at which the plants absorb nutrients. "Organic" growing is actually worse because there are a lot and I mean a lot of contaminates in organic ferts such as tons of mold spores. Also if your going to add all those amendment to your soul you may as well start with raw ingredients and make your own mix because professional mixes such as promix bx is scientifically structured for specific results. It is meant to perform in a certain way and by adding all that stuff to the soil you are completely restructuring the performance. Water absorption rates, moisture and drying rates, ect....You are destroying the intended performance of the soil mix. Get peat, get perlite, vermiculite, ect and establish your own mix. If you buy organic components and do that then you can call it natural organic live soil mix. Also once broken down to a usable state minerals are minerals to plants. Don't believe me? I've studied the past 7 years with some of the world's most famous horticulturalist. They would not appreciate me posting their names here as they are not affiliated with cannabis on a public level and some not at all. I don't doubt you are getting some decent results but I veg 5 weeks and pull 2lbs per plant indoors.

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    I use pro mix for seedlings and clones and feed when they ask.
    time to flower..I up pot to a larger container of promix and add a shot of fish powder and
    a few cups of Organicare a couple times during flower, water only and its the best.
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    Craigson Well-Known Member

    I use exactly this and NFTG nutes.
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    Tangerine_ Well-Known Member

    The Pro-Mix versions of HP and CC do NOT have fungicides.

    growers use Pro-Mix/Sunshine as a base for organics or for dry nutes. AFAIK, it is completely inert.
    Its not organic because it isn't "soil"
    Its simply Canadian sphagnum peat, perlite and some lime. Sure, you could just use peat, perlite and EWC but whats the difference? The wetting agents?

    I the combo of Pro-Mix HP/CC (the CC because I believe the coco to be a bit more pH stable)

    Can you link or cite a source that shows its not a viable option for organics?
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