is it heat or over water?

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    ok so i have some nirvana nl auto going in a nft and im having some issues with the leaves but cant tell if its heat r over water or under water thats what i think it is is one of the 3 ph is always at 5.8 to 6.0 temps are 70 to 80 with light on and 70 to 60 with light off rh is about 20%and im using a 400w hps and i moved it up to about 2 ft to see if that helped but no change im just at a loss any help would be greatfull IMAG0025.jpg IMAG0019.jpg IMAG0020.jpg IMAG0021.jpg IMAG0022.jpg IMAG0023.jpg IMAG0018.jpg IMAG0024.jpg

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    and this is my first grow still noobin it up
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    Nutrient Film Technique?

    thats advanced level shit, theres so much that can go wrong...

    you could have bacterial growth in your tubes, your water channels could be filled with algae, your pump may not be moving enough water, your roots may be stacking upo on top of each other and drying out, you may have light leaks that are killing your roots, your solution may not be 5.8-6.0 at all, unless youre testing it you cant be sure.

    go over your whole system bit by bit, make sure you have no light leaks, no algae buildup, no dead roots, no funky smells, and definitely make sure your solution is as close to 7.0 as you can get it.

    those pics are screaming root stress, and when you take pics, do it in NORMAL light not HID lights.

    if we cant see the actual color of your leafs we cant tell whats going on.

    looks like you may have an overabundance of nitrogen though, cuz them leafs is dark.
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    LOL How do you over water in NFT? Nitrogen toxicity is the biggest problem I see from the pics..

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    I agree looks like N claw. Reduce the veg nutes.
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    Idk the interweb is full of shit I've been reading a lot but it seems like their is a lot less info on nft

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    Sounds good ill drain some res water and refill with my RO stash and I'll take better pics with out the hps on

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    And thank you guys for even responding to my noobness

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