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    I decided to switch to flower. My seed order arrived about 7-8 weeks ago.
    I just sprayed with neem. So they did droop a lot for the picture. They kind of rise and fall from day to night.
    Just started full strength 6/9 GH micro/bloom in only compressed coco on all of them a couple weeks ago. Feed to runoff everytime. About twice a week.
    PH goes in at 6 comes out at 7. Temps are always over 60 and under 80.
    1000 HPS
    How do they look for last day of veg?
    The only problem I consistently see in all of them is a yellowing from the bottom with dead spots on those yellow leaves.
    But I know it will get worse as flowering kicks in and they need more food.

    What would you do?


    lax123 Member

    Zoomed Pictures on the issues would help, i guess.

    blackrecluse Active Member


    blackrecluse Active Member

    Usually I cut off the dead leaves on the bottom. So there aren't many. But I know by the second week of flower most all of the pictured leaves will be dead, leaving only the top half of the plant. Which will die soon too. I cant keep a plant green through flower to save my life. Still trying to figure out a good basic soil/nute combo.
    Using H3ad's formula. If you read the thread you would know why.

    blackrecluse Active Member

    if you where curious. That Short bushy All green plant is NLxSkunk Fem. Freebie. The freebies did way better then the nirvana beans.

    HighnessBC951 Member

    Try botanicares CNS line. Specifically for soil/coco

    and it always seems that the freebies do wayyyy better than the seeds you "order". Dunno why :!:

    starcraftguy1988 Member

    Because you haven't elevated yourself to the height of premium breeders/strains yet, snag some bodhi, Gage green, Rare dankness, Og rascal, sannies, TGA Subcool cali breeders association. Those would be my first picks, After that, id go for SinCity Seeds, Reserva privada, caliconnection, kannabia,(great breeder out of spain) jordan of the islands, hortilab, homegrown fantaseeds, and tons of breeders have atleast one strain that is high quality enough to go along with all these other guys, Also i think we underestimate the freebie because we didn't have to pay for it and something about that makes it, well..... cheap... where as we have much higher expectations of those seeds we were excited enough to pay money for. yeah doo some breeder research bros.

    starcraftguy1988 Member

    IMO/IME Nirvana is on the lower end of the breeder totem pole. even with a good run the genetics were... Meh..

    starcraftguy1988 Member

    Yeah id say it looks like they are just a bit nitro deficient as its a little early for you to be yellowing . Add a low supplement of nitrogen to your bloom feed. But definitly not dead. If anything, Take a close look at your problematic leaf spots and try to find a good guide on deficiencies or burns, as imo its one of those two, but i dont know shit about coco so I could be way off. Good luck with your issues tho.
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