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Is ISO hash (made with alcohol / strained) edible as is? Or do i heat?

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by TheSnake, Aug 16, 2013.


    TheSnake Well-Known Member

    Was thinking about making iso hash, into pills. Since Alcohol is used to make iso hash, is it basically ready to be dabbed into caps, or straight up, or do you have to heat it? :-?

    hydrogreen65 Well-Known Member

    Check out the video on youtube of Simpson's Oil. Just sub the alcohol for the hexane he uses

    budbro18 Well-Known Member

    I think they recommend lecithin or some other thickener so it doesnt soak through the gel cap but that might be for the budder capsules.
    technical dan

    technical dan Active Member

    if you heat it during your evap your oil will decarb, if you use ethanol you are ready to consume at whatever concentration you chose to reduce it to. If you use ISO you will need to evap all of it and then bind the oil to a lipid. You do not want to consume ISO. But I think either alcohol will dissolve gel caps.

    I think badkat uses coconut oil in the sticky, if you dont use some kind of lipid for the thc to bind to your body will have a difficult time adsorbing it and so it will not be very effective.

    BluJayz Well-Known Member

    If you're making ISO hash, you can just eat it straight out of the jar. I wouldn't bother with pills just bring a pack of toothpicks and a small jar for you to use throughout the day. You do need to be sure and decarboxalize it. Heat dissolving it like rick simpon oil; decarbs it for oral consumption.

    One thing to point out is isopropyol can cause blindness and gastrointestinal issues if consumed. Make sure you are purging it 100% before you eat it. Heating it or vac purge it is best.

    Coconut Oil is a great alternative but takes several fusion's to match a concentrate's strength.

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