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Is buying seeds online safe? Where?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by JoeyCal, Mar 20, 2007.


    JoeyCal Active Member

    I live in New England USA and i wanted to buy some kick ass seeds.. I heard that if you buy seeds offline from a certain location that they will red flag you and probably catch you. Is this true? Has anyone ordered seeds online and had no truble? Where di you order them from??

    7xstall Well-Known Member

    N3w81e GR0w3r!

    N3w81e GR0w3r! Active Member

    buying seeds online is pretty safe. Mine came in a dvd case.

    mogie Well-Known Member

    Look at your post. At the bottom there is a sponsor.Amsterdam seeds.

    JoeyCal Active Member

    I was just wondering if it was safe.. If anyone had done it and got awy with it, no problem.

    videoman40 Well-Known Member

    Yes it is very safe, have done it several times with no probs. I live in new england also. Much better than going with bag seeds.

    Jakeyjake Member

    Sorry to rez a dead thread. but i just had to get this out of the way.

    how exactly did your link help the OP? i read through 50 pages of the "101" questions, and not a single post in there said anything about how safe it was.
    I myself am trying to ease my mind, google search braught this up. and i love this site. so i looked into it. and instead got a link to "101" usless questions pertaining to the saftey of ordering online.

    Forgive me if this comes across nasty. am not trying to be hostile. just trying to ease my mind.

    Instead of shoving somone asking a question onto somone else's thread, would it have hurt to share personal experiance?
    Tho, i suppose any answer is better then no answer.


    manditroy Active Member

    Hey Jake...try Nirvana if you want to order seeds safely. I have only made two orders, but Nirvana ships very stealthy, so there was no problem with my seeds getting to me. I also live in the Eastern US and it took 6 days or less both times. The credit card was charged by a third party biller so there was nothing there to indicate what I really bought. Nirvana has great prices and customer service too. I can recommend only them from experience, although everyone has their favorite seed shop and will likely post them here for you soon...
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    Il Cuoco

    Il Cuoco Member

    I don't know whether you have the same problems with privacy and police abuses of power we have in italy or not.
    But i can tell you that a friend of mine found the police right in front of his house because the site he ordered from (an italian one) had been closed and all the names of the clients transformed in perquisition issues.
    Police said it was "just in order to ensure you are using those seeds the way you told in the site" (collectionism) and not instead planning to grow them.

    So, as a general rule of thumb, I think it's worth spending some time and, maybe, some more money to buy seeds from the nearest smartshop.

    I repeat, this is valid for Italy, don't know the actual privacy policies you have in UK but...you know...shit smells everywhere (italy or not) and the world is full of dickhead abusers of power, expecially if they have authority clothes...

    Keep you up bro ;)
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    Jakeyjake Member

    Thank You manditroy. i appreciate the information. i will look into them, as i am trying to get a good price range as well as stealth.

    ll Cuoco: no im in the state's, im afraid penalty for cultivation/possession is far more heavy then just a knock on the door =(

    Thank you for the info as well, every bit helps in helping myself, and everyone reading to ease of mind when ordering seeds.

    a friend and myself have put alot of thought into it, and since this is the best site to share information to help each other out, here is what we came up with:

    1: order the seeds using some kind of money order, or a walmart gift card, (some sites even take cold hard cash, carfull when you do that tho, you may not see anything come back to ya. so be sure they are a trust worthy site)

    2: you could order the seeds, send them to a empty house( mail a letter first, to make sure no ones picking that mail up) or hell, send it to a "clean" friend, preferably one that doesnt live with mom and dad. and one that you trust very,very well.

    3: order the seeds straight up. send them to your place. make sure you dont have any "dirt" under your "bed" so if they do search they wont find anything.
    dont open the package/letter. IF some suit comes knockin on the door....whats that letter? you dont know? it showed up and you have no idea what the hell it is. you where going to take it back down to the post office but never got around to it, right?

    It may seem like im a big parnoid person, i just like to be safe =)

    I have done extensive research on this subject and i have found many posts saying " dont send it to the grow"......why? either way the paper trail ends with you buddy =) no matter what you did/had to do to try and keep clean.

    What i have come to know, is if they really really wanted you, they would get you. there is nothing you can do. even when we walk on the side walk we still leave footprints ;)

    Hope this Helps some one.

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    GeeTee Well-Known Member

    jake just sharing my experience with you. i was like you when i first ordered, looked at lots of mj forums and read alot of reviews b4 i ordered. ive ordered seeds online 6xs now using my credit card and sending it to my own house. its like everybdy said its pretty safe. only thing you have to worry bout really is not letting ANYBODY know bout your grow. ive used 3 different sites for seeds so far and the Attitude is best by far
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    Purplekrunchie Well-Known Member

    75% of the people on this site have done it and got away with it. The seed ordering probably isn't what gets people busted, flapping their gums about what they use them for do. Like telling too many people in your town.
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    Jakeyjake Member

    75%? and what of the other 25%? lmao.

    Geetee, krunchie, +rep to you both. That does ease my mind a little bit and thats what i was googling, peace of mind.

    i keep to myself anyway. the ONLY other person that knows is my buddy and my 2 brothers, and even that is 3 people too many.

    But that is another bridge to cross when i get to it.

    again, thanks to all who posted. im sure many people asking the same question will find this thread usefull. =)


    djburns1 Well-Known Member

    it's simple - I have ordered from Attitude dozens of times - ALWAYS with expedited shipping and a T-shirt delivered to my door and NEVER had a problem. And the freebies make for an awesome diverse garden. If you access their site thru a RIU link you get a discount and sometimes an extra freebie.

    r1tony New Member

    Very happy with Attitude... 7 days to mid-west US.

    Purplekrunchie Well-Known Member

    I just threw out 75% as a general number, not 100% of the people on this site grow, and some get clones from friends or use bag seeds.
    Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter Well-Known Member

    For whoever may read this in the future ill add SWIMs experiences. SWIM has bought a few times from EDIT(everyonedoesit.com(along with alot of glass)) and 4-5 times directly from GreenHouse Seed Co. The only thing SWIM did though was purchase a pre paid Visa from a drug store and paid with this. Hope this helps anyone lookin to buy the first time.

    cowboylogic Well-Known Member

    I treat it the same as any online purchase. Shoes, clothes, beans, equipment, supplies ect... its pretty safe. Just do not respond if you get a letter from Customs asking you to sign to claim your property. Just reorder or have them reshipped if you got guaranteed delivery.......

    redzi Well-Known Member

    STAY AWAY FORM EDIT (everyonedoesit)....they have the cheapest seeds in town...easy to do when the low lifes bill your credeit card and then email you and say it will be a few weeks. Placed order on the Dec the 3rd and still was not refunded by the billigh cycle close date on the 17th...WHO DOES THIS....i will tell you who... a business unable to pay their venders...use to be decent company to do with. I had to cancel the order (went to Attitude for same kind of seeds) but had no idea at the time they already billed me for this. If they do not refund anouther order I placed Dec 23.. I will contact seed companies to investigate how many seed companies have cut them off. If you look at their home page you will see that they ship out the same day as long as the item is in stock and in so many words the credit card payment is good....charging a card with no idea when product will come in is the sighn of a business in trouble.
    Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter Well-Known Member

    Sorry that you had a bad buy with them. I dunno what the deal is with that bro.. I have only bought seeds from them a few times but I have purchased countless glass. Ive got at least 4 Roors some Weedstars a bunch of bowls and bublers, tons of misc crap like grinders and papers, man I must have gotten at least 15-20 different packages/orders from them and never had a problem. Your problem does sound like some BS though, I hope it works out for you.

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