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Is anyone growing "Purple Sierra"?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by closetgrower69, May 28, 2012.


    closetgrower69 Active Member

    What's up everyone? Long story short, I have a seedling, two days old now, of purple sierra that I got out of a bag of really good weed. I've never heard of this strain until now but I'm growing it. Any advice? Oh yeah, in soil, 250 watt mh for veg, 1000 watt hps for flower, etc, etc...Basically just looking for advise on flowering time, ph, nutes (does this strain like more P than K, that kind of nute advise), and all that. Thanks.

    throwdo Well-Known Member

    never herd of it , theres only one way to find out give it a go and let us no

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