is a mass rec good in ri

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    testone New Member

    if i lived in ma and got a rec from my doc and then moved to ri would i need to get my card switched or would my mass rec be good till expires ??
    and if i have a rec from mass can i get meds in ri dispensary??

    Digitalbuddha711 Member

    Your Mass card is "good" in RI in the fact that RI recognizes your license and you can have meds.

    HOWEVER, a caregiver can't exchange meds for a donation. They would have to literally give it to you for free. Also, since you're not in the RI system, you can't use RI dispensaries (you need a dispensary to be signed on as a caregiver to shop there).

    So, there really is no legal way for you to get meds in the state but if you have them, the state recognizes your card.

    testone New Member

    thanx for the quick response brother.
    that makes sense

    mrCRC420 Well-Known Member

    Also -- Rhode Island, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Oregon and Arizona have Reciprocity Clauses; so a card holding resident of these states visiting any of these states will have full legal protection by the state as long as the traveling resident follows the medical marijuana laws of the state they're visiting. I'm high; that probably sounds confusing, but you get it right?

    I didn't know that RI also respects other folks Medical cards, in terms of possession. I didn't happen to see that in the regulations document last time I looked (last winter). But I saw it on another website so; sounds cool to me; tho I'd love to see that written on a RI gov website :) Happy Toking! Got some commercial atm that smells like Cherries.... Cherry Kush? Cherry Ak-47? Or even mature Strawberry Cough. It's pretty tasty for something inbetween harvests :)

    HghFlyrJD1 Active Member

    Out of state card holders are covered to carry ONLY not grow or buy medicine etc.

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