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Is .25-.20-.15 (N-P-K) too hot?

Discussion in 'Organics' started by brotherjericho, May 19, 2013.


    brotherjericho Well-Known Member

    For some time now I've been growing with a mixture of peat moss, a blend of several bagged composts, perlite and vermiculite, and a few organic granular nutes. I am trying to simplify, so I am going with a soil that has .10-.08-.04 already (all organic), and I am going to amend with several granular nutes. My calculations bring the total mix up to the numbers in the subject line, but that is assuming all are available immediately, which they are not. The granulars have several different components, I will try to list them:

    * Jobes All Purpose (4-4-4): feather meal, bone meal, composted chicken manure, sulfate of potash, soil microbes
    * Dr. Earth Tomato, Vegetable and Herb (5-7-3): fish bone meal, feather meal, kelp meal, alfalfa meal, soft rock phosphate, fish meal, mined potassium sulfate, humic acid, seaweed extract, soil microbes
    * EB Stone Bat Guano (9-2-1)
    * EB Stone Ultra Bloom (0-10-10): Can't find ingredients, seem to recall it is mostly bone meal and potassium sulfate
    * EB Stone Cottonseed Meal (6-2-1)

    I have been using the Jobes, bat guano, and Ultra Bloom for many plants in the past so I have no issue with them. I am pretty sure the feather meals and cottonseed will release nitrogen slowly, and the guano will kick in faster. Just wondering if this potential mix will be too hot? It will only be used with plants that have 2-3 weeks of growth (from sprout) already.

    As an aside, I have bumped up the dolomitic lime slightly to take care of the potential acidity of the cottonseed meal.

    brotherjericho Well-Known Member

    Guess I will find out!

    neonknight420 Well-Known Member

    I would just let it cook for at least 30 days before planting.

    brotherjericho Well-Known Member

    Well so far my Delicious Cotton Candy likes the soil, so not too hot for it. Didn't do much at all after transplanting, then after the second watering it starting taking off. No signs of burn either.

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