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Iranian Auto flower? Advise please

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by mrhomegrown22, Feb 11, 2011.


    mrhomegrown22 Member

    I just purchased Iranian auto flower from the dr. and I was wonding if anyone who grew this strain knows if I can start it indoors for a month and put it outside sometime in march and bring in for the night if it gets to cold. I live in SO CAL:

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    you can surely grow it indoors till the weather gets warm enough for them to handle the outdoors.. there are a few grow journals on here about the iranian.. i've only heard good things about it..
    Alabaster Jones

    Alabaster Jones Member

    I've seen some mentions of it,but nothing in detail.

    I can tell you the Iranian hash that went around after the fall of the Shah was mind-blowing. If it's the same weed they were using to produce that stuff,you're in luck.

    frmrboi Well-Known Member

    yeah you could do that, I'd wait a another week or so though before starting them, (we gain two extra hours of light in March) I believe if you keep them under 24/0 light you can clone them too.

    mrhomegrown22 Member

    Thanks guys for the post.

    sodalite Well-Known Member

    i've a pretty detailed journal on growing them from last year. i don't know how to put a link here for it or i would. it's detailed and the results were good lots of pics and info. in the journal section.

    sodalite Well-Known Member

    oh and in case you were wondering they came out great i've over 100 to plant this summer i liked em so much. here are some pics from last summer takin around the 4th of july.

    Attached Files:

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    PegasusRideR Active Member

    If they are pure landrace Iranian autos, they'll surely need direct sunlight and will surely lead to better results outdoors in flowering. But before they flower, yes they can be grown indoors under artificial light. They may need vegging nutes lower than the indoor plants we know. So be careful about nutes if you're not going organic.
    Alabaster Jones

    Alabaster Jones Member

    Great pics Sodalight.

    They look a lot like plants used in parts of Lebanon for hash production. I'd always assumed those were stubby Indicas,but your pics have me thinking otherwise.

    What's the seed to finish time on the Iranian autos?

    sodalite Well-Known Member

    the seed to finish can be pretty short if you want it to be, i vegged them untill they were 16" or so inside then put them out. they start to flower within 2 weeks of putting them out most in a week. then 50-60 days, so 100 days from start they took me. approx.
    this year i will veg some longer and see if i can get some huge ones and also try putting some directly outdoors. i only had 11 seeds last year, i've 110 to play with this summer. i'll try a few differant things. but as far as journaling them again instead i've four differant iranian crosses i'm going to try to journal.
    Lucius Vorenus

    Lucius Vorenus Well-Known Member

    Acquired some of this today. Mind blowing shit.

    If you can score some of this Iranian Autoflower (Iranian Kush). Do it!!

    ak49er Member

    Iranian autoflower is not an auto. It may be highly "photosensitive" but it did not auto for me outdoors in alaska. As of a couple of days ago I would say they dtill got at least another month to go which sux cuz it woulda been a massive pull all the plants are around 7' tall with purple pistils (getting cold already). I will say this they are a very hardy plant I put em out end of may when it was still dipping under 40 and I'm pretty sure a damn moose walked right thru the middle of em haha. So I just thought id let people know that they are not true autos. The doc will tell u they are but they are not in fact he just recently changed the name from iranian short season to iranian autoflower. I would assume he's just tryin to cash in on the autoflower craze. But like I said ggodd hardy plant just wish I had another month or so.

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    yah, the dr used to tell you straight out that they are not indeed an auto as they contain no ruderalis in them, which i can only think is a good thing honestly..
    i wasn't aware that he has changed the name to iranian auto though.. he does still say that they take around 100 days from seed to finish, which i really think it the only info that one really needs to know imo..

    BigFatFatty Active Member

    I was looking into the Iranian auto and they say it's the "most potent" auto but I decided not to order cuz I heard be was a scam...(dr greenthumb)

    Many ppl fuck with him??

    mtbazz Well-Known Member

    ditto...I have heard so much about dr. greenthumb I don't know what to believe to be honest. There are one or two people I trust who says he is not a scammer, so I may go ahead and try some of the IranianxG13. Maybe grow some out inside this winter and make a mom to take clones off of for next summer so I don't have to deal with this bullshit outdoor weather the eastcoast gets in sept.

    On the hand I have searched high and low on the internet and have found very few, if any positive grow reports with pics of people who have bought his seeds. I have seen some that were given his seeds as freebies for test grows, but I don't count them.

    ak49er Member

    Bazz, I was in the same boat as u and I just said eff it abd baught some beans. They showed up quick, out of 11 I think like eight germed, he's kinda spendy but I only bought the iaf (which has been going now for almost 5 mos) so I can't. Attest to all his lines. I didn't like the fact that I had to buy a whole ten pack (even though all eight that germed turned out to b ladies), I usually just go thru worldwide, u can get singles and it seems to me that breeders for the most. Part have figured out how to dial in there fem stuff so I wouldn't let his 100% female guarantee sway ur vote. Just my two pennies for the bank.

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