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IR Block / FLIR Block

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by dhhbomb, Oct 27, 2008.


    dhhbomb Well-Known Member

    i was wondering what the verdict on this product is as im going to be doing a grow room in a shed outside in my back yard not insulated and made out of a plastic like material seriously consdering using this

    Discount Hydroponics - Block-IR

    since its outside in a shed with no insulation i figured id stick out like a sore thumb i know that they are supposed to have a warrant to do an ir scan but figure if this work might aswell use it all comments are apprciated thanks
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    mixin Well-Known Member

    wow! thanks for the heads up on this - if it actually works like it says it does i am impressed

    dhhbomb Well-Known Member

    well this still happens to be very close to me and i talked with the employees all hydro growers "tomatoes" say a company called cap came in and did the test to show them the company also sells a ir camera/imager for the low price of like 6 grand but i want to use this but dont want to spend 150 bucks if it doesnt work

    smartsoverambition Well-Known Member

    is it indoor or outdoor?

    cuz if it's indoor u could just put on a tin roof, be warned this will prolly significantly increase the heat in there
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    theratfords Well-Known Member

    Absolutely works! My mother uses this in her shed grow. She coverted my stepfathers workshed into a grow room and covered the walls in this. I got it for her at a local Hydro shop I frequent. Store guy had some info with before and after pics through a FLIR camera. Just showed black space. But they might look for "Black space" now. Who knows. But my moms been using it for abou 4 years and hasn't had any knocks.


    smartsoverambition Well-Known Member

    wow it actually works i don't like the idea though of just a "black space" on a map but it's better than a weed signature no doubt

    dhhbomb Well-Known Member

    thats great new then i will invest in it im doing 2 grow tents into a shed without insulation i just didnt know how much i trust someone whos job is to sell something wanted a growers prospective thanks

    xxtoadxx Well-Known Member

    funny you mention this... my hydro guy just tried to sell my some since i got 2000W in the garage.... i dunno, im not really sold on it nor worried about it (legal)....

    xxtoadxx Well-Known Member


    dhhbomb Well-Known Member

    yea will im in cali and will be legal but would rather not be detected than have cops come onto property take all my shit then say i have to go to court and provide my leagal papers and have all of my crop killed

    btw that was the orginal link i posted but not hatting

    xxtoadxx Well-Known Member

    lolz... true and true... if the cops come to my pad they better have done their research and have gotten a search warrant as well or they ain't gettin nowhere.... plus.... eh, im really not worried about it. and i guess i was just high and didnt even see your link, my bad :o

    giantart Well-Known Member

    "They" don't care about a black signature. That just means NO HEAT!

    Quiet420Guy Active Member

    Block-IR is great stuff. I went to my local hydro shop www.discount-hydro.com and they had an IR gun around (actually, the same one in the picture that is in their catalog...) and unless there is some voodoo going on, it works just like the pictures...

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    Unless you have an array of lights you don't need anything like this product. For your grow to be detected it needs to be obvious and that means a number of hot spots in a row with obvious hot ducting. One or two heat sources just looks like a water heater and furnace or anything else in your house that produces heat.

    Even in a shed this is a complete waste of money unless you have numerous lights. For all they know you work in your shed and keep a space heater in there. It's not enough to get any kind of warrant to go looking.

    bubblegumgreen Well-Known Member

    I am currently using it on my light hoods and ducting for my 4 1000w lights. Not sure if it works but worth a couple hundred bucks for the additinal peace of mind..

    dhhbomb Well-Known Member

    yea well i decided aginst it due to funds but since i am a legal patient the only thing they could get me for is # of plants and they better have done all the paper work right

    jahspliffstar Active Member

    If your looking for reflective material to block a flir camera look up fi foil. They have all assorts of reflective material. I recommend the double bubble reflective bc its vapor and and moisture resistant. Also check out radiant barrier you can put in your attic to reduce your costs of utility bills and get rid of your heat signature.

    dusty26 Well-Known Member

    well here's a thought as well...

    They say to cover the ceiling of your grow room with the ir block but... when they are in a chopper scanning ir unless they are directly above your house it's useless.. .you can still see a heat sig from the air from the sides heat sigs leak out ... so to to be sure it works well for you you need to line your grow room completely which can be pricey...

    dhhbomb Well-Known Member

    yea i said fuck it im in cali for one and 2 im a med patient so if they come i shouldnt be in trouble unless they are feds and 3 they cant use flir on my house without a warrrent
  20. Have this lining all my walls. Harsh penalties encouraged my conscience to purchase. I'm putting some serious faith in this product as well.

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