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Ionizer, good idea?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by yeldah, Jul 15, 2008.


    yeldah Active Member

    I am thinking about getting an ionizer to use instead of a carbon filter, but I've heard that the only issue is that you want to turn it off for a few days before cutting, as it will suck all the smell out of the buds. Im wondering why it wouldn't be doing same thing the whole cycle?
    also just want to know people's experience with these machines.
    thanks in advance

    specialkayme Well-Known Member

    I never trusted ionizers. I stick with a carbon scrubber and an 03 generator. o3 destroys the smell, ionizers just push it to the bottom of the room. I don't like the idea of it. But that's just me.

    catnips Well-Known Member

    what is o3, I wonder ...

    havocdb Well-Known Member

    O3 is better known as Ozone

    everybody has their own opinions and tricks for odor control. I like carbon scrubbers myself, seem to do better at getting rid of all the gardening smells (wet dirt, ferts, plant odor, etc.).
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    del66666 Well-Known Member

    isnt ozone dangerous,i got an ionizer with carbon filter, cost 15 pounds,reckon b ok for small grow.it puts out a negative charge which makes u feel better and yes i think it traps smells and makes them fall out of air.

    headbandrocker Well-Known Member

    You need to get a charcoal filter stankyness,an ionizer is great in addition to a filter.But for different reasons.I read somewhere that it might increase thc a bit so i tried it and the plants closest to the ionizer are forkin strong,but dont smell musch till u squeez and wallah .! Must test it against the ones from the back to know for sure.Good luck HBR

    havocdb Well-Known Member

    Certain ionizers actually create significant amounts of Ozone. Other "ionizers" really are just ozone generators. there's a few lawsuits going around the 'States regarding this issue.

    That being said, ozone is typically short lived. You CAN hurt your plants with too much ozone, but most times the gas can't really build up to toxic levels for you or your plants unless you are using an ozone generator to make shit tons of ozone in too small a space.

    I steer clear of those myself. Cant stand the way it makes things smell. not quite sterile, just "ODD".

    del66666 Well-Known Member

    on the basis of what u have said,i say does ne 1 want to buy my ionizer ha:mrgreen:

    pimpnitjc Well-Known Member

    I have one and u are better off getting a carbon filter with an inline fan. I bought an Ionic Pro for $80 at walmart, now I want to sale it on ebay because it does not cover the smell at all good.

    specialkayme Well-Known Member

    Carbon scrubbers are in my opinion the best, but I like to use the ozone generator as added insurance. I don't keep it runing or on a timer or anything, just whenever I get a whiff of something, I turn it on for like 10-15 min. It clears the room and then some. It does smell a little odd, but it's a fresh odd and I don't mind it.
    The problem that I see with ionizers is that when it puts out negatively charged particles, those particles attack odors and drags it to the bottom of the room. Leaving you to vacume it up later. To me you arn't really destroying the smells, only weighing them down. I prefer the o3 due to the fact that it actually destroys the odor particles, not just changing their location. Personal opinion though.
    And yes, o3 is dangerious in large doses. but in moderation it's fine, just like most drugs, food, booze, and just about everything else.

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