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IOnic breeze for smell yes or no?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by acepowerz, Nov 12, 2009.


    acepowerz Well-Known Member

    I have about 4 of these full size ionic breeze around the house and bout 4 of the bathroom size plugins. I read all about these but it is allways mixed results. I read Yes they work they create an ozone byproduct and nothing knocks out smell like Ozone. Then I hear not to use them near your plants because they create ozone it could be bad for you and your plants but they do cut the smell down a small %.... So I want to ask has anyone here used these with good success no damage to your plants ect ect.....
  2. they can be harmful to your plants nut in larger dose than a few can put out. we have 3 and love them.

    gcvt420 Active Member

    I haven't read any educated posts citing any evidence that these units are bad for your plants, but I've read plenty of threads stating that they do not effectively counter the odor of flowering plants. I have two relatively new Ionic Breeze units in my home, but I will not be using them for odor control....but I have the ability to vent to the outdoors. I guess the decision on whether or not to use them depends on your intake/exhaust options. If I was running an enclosed grow I might give it a try but, from what I've read, I honestly wouldn't set my hopes very high.
    Illegal Smile

    Illegal Smile Guest

    I didn't think the ionic breeze created ozone, and I don't think ionization alone would be effective. If you have them test them. If they do generate ozone it would not damage plants, but don't put them right in the grow area, put them in the room the grow area is in.

    mrmadcow Well-Known Member

    also dont know if the ionic breeze produces ozone.I have an ozone generator and use it in the room I vent into.my mentor (who gave me the ozone gen)warned me not to put it w/ the plants as it would take the smell away from the plants and affect the taste.

    acepowerz Well-Known Member

    Well I put one in the closet with my 1 plant and the closet doesnt smell at all anymore after just 24 hours. So I am thinking about adding another one in the closet when flowering. I will see how the one Ionic works first . I hope to start flowering in 1-3 weeks so I will try and post on how they work in flowering.
    purple voodoo#5

    purple voodoo#5 Member

    do you know wut strain you are growing? some strains are very smelly when flowering:eyesmoke:
    purple voodoo#5

    purple voodoo#5 Member

    i tried those and they did not cover my smell while flowering. i had to get carbon filter. but i had more than one plant
    President Kush

    President Kush Well-Known Member

    Air ionizers are not ozone generators. Those Ionic Breeze devices are actually designed to release as little ozone as possible. O3 is considered a pollutant and those air purifiers are only supposed to produce a certain amount as per federal guidelines.

    I had the largest Ionic Breeze they make and tried using it to remove smoke, and the smell of an oz of stinky ass Kush in a zip lock bag (this was back in the day). Even on high with the "ion boost" or whatever it's called on, it took a while for the thing to have any effect. It did eventually help, but not by much. I

    If you already have it, use it. Otherwise just buy an ozone generator/carbon filter or just open some windows :bigjoint:

    sanyard Well-Known Member

    Yeah, because having your neighbors smelling the strong aroma of mary jane would be great. Do feds come on this site and post bullshit to get people busted or what?
    President Kush

    President Kush Well-Known Member

    Wow, smug much? I honestly never thought I'd see this kind of behavior on an MJ board. Are you suffering through a dry spell or something? You just took my suggestion out of context and assumed it applies literally to anyone in any situation. If I'm a narc, then you're a journalist.

    Think about it dude. Someone with a bunch of plants would realize that opening the window to get rid of the smell is a bad idea. If OP has a whole op going (lol op op), he's not going to blow up his spot just because he reads "or just open some windows :bigjoint:" at the end of some post on an internet forum. The sentence ends with freakin mr. green blazing a J, how do take it that seriously?

    Ironically, OP is talking about one plant in a closet. I think it's safe to say that you wouldn't be able to smell it unless you're like 5ft from the window. Yes, he could have put a fan in the window and a decent amount of air actually leaves the room. Hell, he might even be one of those people with a fetish for opening and closing doors, or he may live in an urban area with strict penalties for growing a plant, and it's also possible that he told someone about the plant and cops may now be watching his property. You'd have to be an idiot to open windows to vent grow odor unless you know that it's safe. It seems that you are also assuming OP is retarded.

    I sincerely hope you understand what I was saying now. In the future, I will try to accompany any controversial statement with an asterisk and a footnote to dissuade the trolls and aid people that just don't get it.


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