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Ionic Air Purifier - Good/Bad ?? - Help

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by crazykarl, May 14, 2007.


    crazykarl Active Member

    Does anyone have any experiance with these ionic air purifiers. How effective are they - do they work as good as they're advertised?

    (Sharper Image, ionic Breeze, Ionic Pro, Etc...)

    Hazesj Active Member

    my first reaction would be bad. really dont know though
    Al B. Fuct

    Al B. Fuct once had a dog named

    Ozone (O3) generators (aka ionisers, negative ion generators) come in several different sizes and two main types.

    Corona discharge types generate O3 by exposing oxygen molecules to a high voltage field between a pair of electrodes or from a sharply pointed conductor, also with a HV charge applied. Corona ionisers also create nitrogen oxides, which combine with humidity to form nitric acid- effectively acid rain.

    Ultraviolet (UV) ionisers use a special UV fluorescent tube to make O3 from O2. UV types do not create nitrogen oxides.

    Corona ionisers are very cheap to make, compared to the UV types. The small, desktop sized ionisers which sell for $30-80 are usually corona type. They also have rather small power supplies compared to more serious corona discharge ionisers, which have a power supply with a transformer ore like that found on a commercial neon sign (about 15,000V @ 20-50mA).

    The units available from the places you mention are more likely to be 'toy' ionisers which will make a little ozone-y sort of smell if you put your nose up to them, but are not generally rated in terms of how many milligrams of O3 they make per hour. OK to freshen a musty office in a climate controlled building, not so good for knocking down the scent of a grow op.

    Corona ionisers are very effective at killing scents, but due to the NOx issue, they should be used in the exhaust duct only.

    UV ionisers can be used inside a flowering area, but prudently. They are also very effective scent killers, so effective they will de-scent buds still on the plant if O3 levels get too high. However, absent the NOx issue, you can also take advantage of the fact that O3 kills mould spores and bacteria and use them in the flowering room air.


    I have a deliberately undersized (but not much so) UV ozone gen in my flowering area. It is placed near the room's exhaust duct. It runs 24/7, but with the high airflow through the room, it is not capable of making enough ozone concentration to burn leaves nor de-scent buds. However, there's enough constant O3 that the exhaust is well de-scented. O3 levels come up high enough to be effective against powdery mildew and bud mould/rot when the exhaust is stopped. Circ fans in each corner of the room help even out the concentration.

    If you're going to use an ioniser, make sure you're getting something big enough for your job and that you use it in the right part of the op for the type that it is.
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    BobbSapp Active Member

    what about an ionic breeze quadra, should i put it in my grow closet???

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    Not to be the grinch but I personally and many other expirence growers would advise against an ozone generator in a grow room as it can cause ozone damage to plants if not correctly monitored.I believe therer are even picture in the faqs of this damage.It can kill plants so Id advise not to put it in a grow room maybe an adjacent are or main room to help escaped smell but not in the actual grow are. I have seen these make leaves look like acid rain damage.
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    crazykarl Active Member

    Thanks for the advice. The way i was thinking of using it was putting in in the doorway of my closet when it is partaily open (to keep the temp normal when the lights are on during 12/12).

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    Id make sure its not close to the door of the grow area though maybe at least 1 room away from the grow area
    Al B. Fuct

    Al B. Fuct once had a dog named

    Too right- and that's exactly what it is, acid rain on very small scale.

    However, only corona type ionisers produce that acid rain effect. UV fluoro ionisers don't make NOx and thus cause no nitric acid to be wafting in the air.

    You can get away with UV types in the op air, but the corona types must go only in the exhaust duct and probably should switch on & off with the exhaust blower.

    vburton517 Active Member

    I would like to add my two cents, If I may. I've been using the ionizers for about 5 months now. They are placed all around the house. 1 in grow area,
    1 in vegg room. 1 in hallway between both rooms. They work awesome, absolutely no smells in the entire home, I have 2 in flowering, 9 in veggin, 2 in re-vegg. The only problem, that I find to be true is that they do take the SMELL out of the buds, but doesn't affect the grow/humidity, or yeild. I still have a great taste to the bud, but very little smell until after a good cure, and the smoke is awesome, and the smell is certainly there once you break open a bud... So, if your willing to give up the smell, there well worth it, No-one can tell I have almost 13+ plants growing in my home, NOBODY....
    Al B. Fuct

    Al B. Fuct once had a dog named

    Try running the ioniser that is in the flowering room air on a timer, perhaps 5 mins on, 20-30-40 mins off, something like that. Cut the duty cycle down until a borrowed nose can barely smell buds, then bump the duty cycle up a tad. That should minimise impact on bud scent while suppressing odor and mould.

    Dawgy Member

    This is a great thread.. I have been going nuts with PM and think I only encountered it because my Ionic Purifier was broken.. Never once had the nasty PM issue before.. but this last time it was HORRIBLE.. so everything got tossed. I just purchased a new one that should take care of the whole house. It's my understanding that the Neg Ions go through walls (up to 60 ft I've been told).. so it's probably not necessary for them everywhere throughout the house. It's totally true about the smell though.. it will cut the smell down (in the nugs) about 75% but you should still have faint smell once their cured.. IMO that's a lot healthier an alternative than ingesting mildew or even worse mold.

    Also, if you are going to run an ionic purifier, especially one with an O3 generator, it would be a good idea to read up on the possible health effects. I've read somewhere that if you are exposed to too high a level of O3 it could effect your body similar to smog (heavy on the lungs).. again, I would suggest folks doing their own research.

    But they are great for keeping PM and mold away.

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