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Interrupted light cycle during flowering

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by dave630, Jan 12, 2010.


    dave630 Member

    My power went out on my 24th day of flowering. Do i have any chance of my plants becoming hermies? It was only out for about an hour during the lights on period. Anybody have this happen to them before?

    cph Well-Known Member

    It was only once, don't worry about it.
    Man o' the green

    Man o' the green Active Member

    Only disruptions to your dark period will have ill effects. I doubt such a small change could cause hermies.

    dave630 Member

    thanks, thats what i like to hear!

    phatsexygirlz Active Member

    anybody still there? quick question

    i am about a week or so away form harvest. tomorrow will be exactly 8 weeks of flowering and i go into my room to water, AND I LEFT THE OVERHEAD LIGHT ON above my garden. after 3+ months i was so good at not leaving it on untill now. so my entire room has been under two cfls for the last 24 hours so

    is that enough to trigger them back into veg and halt thc production?

    i have a microscope and the trichomes are not cloudy and no amber yet so not quite time to take down but... will another week do any good or will they just get confused

    wild95cat Member

    So, I'm assuming your 12 hour period is ... on at 8am, off at 8pm, right??? Or at least somewhere close to there.
    First, why aren't your lights on a timer???
    You never even have to think about it! Unless the power goes out.
    Second, how many plants are you growing under the 2 cfl's, and what wattage are they?

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