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Insecticide Harmful?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by cHiEf04grwer, Sep 19, 2008.


    cHiEf04grwer Well-Known Member

    I just went to the local gardening and they didn't have any pyrethrum products. But i Got Malathion instead. It is used for aphids,mites ect. and its safe for fruits and veg's. IS THIS SAFE FOR CANNABIS?? im 5-6 weeks into flowering and i have a spidermite problem. would this be ok to use???

    zero33 Active Member

    I'm not an organic gardener by any means... but I definitely don't use chemicals like malathion. It stinks so bad you know it has to cause cancer.

    For spider mites and aphids you can try something like Safer's Soap. You can usually get the concentrate at hardware stores. If your plant is still fairly young and not flowering yet, you could go for it, I guess. But I wouldn't do use it if you're close to harvesting.

    Are you planing on using it indoors? Cause you might die.

    Sunnysideup Well-Known Member

    NO NO NO NO NOT SAFE. It WILL kill your plants...Don't use it.


    cHiEf04grwer Well-Known Member

    I used it yesterday around the base of my plants and around the circumference. I could tell while i was using it by the smell that it was very toxic. i didn't put barely any at all on the leaves, and none on the buds. Hoping my baby didn't get fried just by that little bit of spraying.

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