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insecticidal soap killed my plants over night why and sulfur powder good bad ???

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by sorethumb, Jun 10, 2012.


    sorethumb Active Member

    i tryed garlic in every form for my spider mites issue they got real bad so i went and got insecticidal soap for organic gardening ortho elementals
    i lightly sprayed it on the plants and soil and waited an hour then misted them off wtf over night they died shriveled up too much to even bother to save clones idk wft happened i read sulfur powder is safer and maybe what i should have used anyone got any advice about sulfur powder please anyone

    bombasticson Active Member

    that sucks.. never had any bug problems yet my fourth grow now..i wonder what causes them

    sorethumb Active Member

    and i dumped all my pest infested soil in my compost pile for the yard i hope they like being back in the cycle of life when they become food for bigger bugs lol

    sorethumb Active Member

    a tomato plant from wally world is where i got them it died too

    *BUDS Well-Known Member

    Bro you didnt get this garlic remedy in the organic section from some hippie did you?, while you had garlic dangling every where
    this major issue got much worse. Get some miticide and spray it on plants and everywhere else,vacuuming daily and repeat 5 days later.
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    *BUDS Well-Known Member

    Your the wally, you must get rid of the soil and vacuum bags in garbage dont compost old spidermite soil ,it wont kill them and they will be back.

    mipro84 Active Member

    thats why you need to test any insecticid just one one leaf, to see how plant reacts on it. Sorry for your plants.

    cindysid Well-Known Member

    Did you dilute the soap according to directions? I use it all the time with no ill effects.

    sorethumb Active Member

    yeah old hippie remedy garlic smelled like dinner to me. i used bleach to clean the room and i got mad and dumped pure bleach in the soil.
    dumpin them in my compost pile the bleach will break down over time is what im told as for survivors i was at a loss
    as to where to put the wasted soil i have no plans of usein the compost inside its all for my yard its always full of all sorts of bugs anyways is my thought but sulfur powder is what im gonna use if when they come back im not sure i want to try any kind of insecticide now it was organic garden ortho elementals btw i learned something though test first use half and dilut

    sorethumb Active Member

    it said nothing about diluteing and i didnt even look up how to use insecticide products im retarded i know lol death toll steadly rising thats like the 20th plant to die in a 2 year period i need to stop lol

    scroglodyte Well-Known Member

    i've used that soap with no trouble

    problemsolver Active Member

    I always found it funny that there is this misconception about strong (read:effective) pyrethrin miticide. Me ...personally, I like to classify it as organic. The active ingredient is derived from african chrysanthemum. Pyrethrin extraction is an organic chemistry procedure. It is a funny thing when certain substances become lumped into a non-organic category by certain groups because of carcinogen fears, et cetera. Instead, some unlucky folks (including myself at one time) go out and by safer (brand) soap or some other such equivalent and then their plants are dead from overdosing on what amounted to be a highly concentrated foliar feed of potassium when they thought it was "safer" than a real miticide. Heck, just throw on a full body Tyvek, goggles, pink filter 3M respirator (suitable for things as nasty HCL gas) some gloves and have a blast with that sprayer! If you're paranoid about toxic build-up on the foliage just use the chosen miticide according to the instructions and you will be fine.

    scroglodyte Well-Known Member

    garlic keeps away vampires, not mites

    melungeonman Active Member

    WRONG! A SAVED MITE EGG IS A MITE WAITING TO HATCH! Any and everything in the grow must be removed from the grow.
    Then it must be cleaned compleatly inside and out I.E fan vents, fan blades, everything you intend to return to the grow erea.

    If you are using mylar, It's trash now. Spider Mites that don't have anything to eat, breed Imediatly and lay eggs on anything they can to insure future generations. This rapid reproduction with nothing to eat can go on indefinatly, until there is food to thrive for a season. So trashit!!!!!!!
    Floors must be re-cleaned over and over with bleach solurion, spray bleach solution on frameing in partially finished basements . You have to use the down time to rid yourself of these issues.
    You may need to re-paint your walls white this is yet another reason why white walls are the prefered reflective material, and I say one reason, as there are many more.

    Sprays and remedies are the bandaid that may, or may not get you through your bloom . If it is early on in a grow I've found it not worth the effort to fight them for 3 to 4 months. I abandon the grow solve the problem and start again.
    This is a personal choice, and you will form your own after you have been through this.
    There are alternitives to get ya through. Caliclean posted under bugs, first entry, works well for control it must be re-applied as eggs hatch, get rid of the bodies ... and I would recomend giving it a try. Your next defence and depending on the infestation, your thumb and forfinger, to squish the mites and eggs, works as well, don't ignore them! Spider mite predators are another option. Lady bugs don't eat spider mites so don't bother. The preditor mites that are obtainable are: Phytoseilus persimilis, It thrives in 55-105deg F at 60-90% h. Neoseiulus calfornicus 55-90 deg F. 60-90% H. Mesoseilulus longipes 55_105 deF. 45-90% H. These can be purchased through Igrowhydro . com on line. shipped overnight. They are pre-mixed with these , To insure colinization. they are fairlly expensive 1500 for around $100. (One preditor mites can kill and controll 5 spiders or 10 eggs a day) They breed and multiply faster than spidermites, they disappear when there is no longer a food source. These take a week or two to get a foot hold and start controling the issue. If heavilly infested destroy it and start over or try neem oil( Not prefered) or cali clean made of habeneros in your kitchen.(more prefered). You may be able to win this battle but its tough. Control is really all you have to look forward to if you don't stop and irradicate.

    melungeonman Active Member

    Causes severe hallotosis as well, Never tryied breathin on the little bastards!!!!

    melungeonman Active Member

    With most insecticides , you don't want to wet them afterword's, like spraying them with water. This causes insta death.

    st0ned Member

    I sprayed neem oil and azamax when I had a small spider mite problem. Cleared them up right away and they haven't been back since (months ago).

    Sorry to hear about your babies. :(

    cindysid Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but every time you make a mistake like that you learn something. Now you know before using anything on your plants, read the directions. Always err on the side of caution. I've been gardening for 35 years and I've killed plenty of plants...but I never kill them the same way twice! Cheer up and start over. It's just part of the game!

    chickenpoop Well-Known Member

    i recently just sprayed mine with a Bonide Neem oil, seems to do the trick for me
    Dr Kynes

    Dr Kynes Well-Known Member

    meh garlic. garlic doesnt even effect many pests. while it helps with mosquitoes aphids whiteflies and moths, spiders mites and other non insect arthropods dont care about it. garlic and mint (both useless against mites) are a part of my general pest remedy, the only part that deals with mites is the hot peppers and dish soap. should i ever develop a spider mite problem in my dope, im goin straight to the nuclear option, taping up the doors and vents, poking in a brewer's vent and plopping a 40 lb block of dry ice in the room. anything thats not a plant will be dead in a few hours, and then ill clean up the corpses. rinse and repeat till the mites dont come back.

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