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inline fan setup with air scrubber

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by jotadefiji, May 1, 2008.


    jotadefiji Well-Known Member

    ok so i hooked up a 6inch inline ducting fan (250 cfm) to suck air through the carbon scrubber i made and there is very little air coming out the exhaust vent

    so is goes like this: Air filter filled with active carbon connected to inline fan (suction end) then on the blowing it out the exhaust vent...does not feel like much is coming out :(

    so if i say moved the fan so that is sucking the air straight from the grow box and blowing it out through the filter, will that be better that the current fans suction step?

    so for a air scrubber should i suck or blow the air through it:spew:

    sorry for the spelling im a lil sake drunk:peace:
    Florida Blooms

    Florida Blooms Well-Known Member


    BobVila Active Member

    I always blew the air through the filter.

    The key is to maximize the surface area of the filter but allow only an inch of thickness for the air to go through.

    Mine was a huge two foot tube surrounded by carbon.

    I figure it is easier to get he grow room air into the fan then let the air make its way through the filter, if there is back pressure it will eventually work.

    Just think of how a muffler system works, the muffler is way at the end.

    jotadefiji Well-Known Member

    good call.. so i guess im going to have to mount the filter on the back of the grow bow. :(

    edcocks Well-Known Member

    are you using the suncourt or equivalent inline duct fan? Like the one you can buy at Home Depot. If so then it may be the fan is not up to the challenge. They don't work well when there is resistance.

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