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Indoor to Outdoor lighting transition?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Watercress, Mar 20, 2012.


    Watercress Member

    Am planning on getting some young plants at a local dispensary for outdoor growing, but need advice pls on:
    -what kind of light to use until I put them outside
    -how much artificial light needed before they remain outdoors
    -assume temp should be around 75 while under artificial lights?
    -is it OK to leave them outside if sunny for most of the day and inside at night under lights to make up the additional time required?
    (putting in open shade to start with)
    -what specific timing cycle and when can I safely place them outside for good

    Is there a guide or rule about avoiding the plants going to bud because of incorrect light cycle?
    Thanks for the help, could not find anything specific to this anywhere else.

    Fwish Active Member

    Follinw this, i was about to ask same questions

    Robs Well-Known Member

    18-6 & put them outdoors at night to harden them off. Put in the ground around 4/20 here. Just wait for the last frost.

    Watercress Member

    Are you saying leave them under artificial light for 18 hrs, then leave them out at night for 6, then plant them 4/20?
    Then, they will not need gradual lessening of artificial light, just, bam, on 4/20 put them in the ground?
    Latitude 38, North Bay San Francisco area


    obijohn Ceiling cat is watching you...

    You don't want to just throw them out in the sun without acclimating them, or they may burn. I'd start with a few hours of morning sun, increasing the time out every day. Shouldn't take more than a week tops.

    I wouldn't put them out only at night to "harden", they will do that when you put them outside during the day

    Watercress Member

    Question still not answered: How to make the lighting/timing transition from dispensary bought plants now under artificial light to outdoors?

    obijohn Ceiling cat is watching you...

    I'd start with 18 hours of light, use the sun and supplement the rest of the hours needed with indoor light. A simple, small t 5 has worked well for me when they are sprouts or clones.

    I thought my last post addressed the ttransition ?

    farmerjoe420 Well-Known Member

    figure out when you want to plant outside. use google to find out how many hours of light your area will recieve during that timeframe. take your clones right home and match your indoor lights to the amount of light you will get. leave it like that for a few weeks before you plant so the plants will get used to the light change, the longer the better.

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