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indoor grow tent setup with pictures +rep

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by The Lorax, Oct 1, 2009.

    The Lorax

    The Lorax Active Member

    hey guys just askin wat do you think of this setup. the tent is all droopy becuase i had to resize the frame which made the tent too big. the plant that is in there is almost done after its done and i make a few adjustments to my setup im planning on putting 4-6 more plants in there. Picture one is my setup inside the tent: 6 inch vortex fan exhausting out the bottom becuase i wanted the fan inside the tent and it was too hard to set it up near the top exhust hole. Air purifier and 600 watt hps. Picture two is my lunatek 600 watt digital ballast and fan speed controller. Picture three is the wall right next to the tent where the hot air is being exhausted. Im planning on making a window right around that hole in the wall where hopefully the hot air will rise up and out, i plant on not having ducting out the window im just going to let the heat rise up and out ( what do you guys think about that ) . Picture four is a window air conditioner that i might use depending on how hot the ambient temperature in the room is. right now its about 90 degrees in the room becuase im exhausting hot air from the tent straight into the room, that should be fixed once we get the window.
    Picture five is my
    nutrients picture six is my plant that ive had forever it seems like, it got burnt when i first put the 600 hps in and had no ventilation and picture 8 is bill cosby. Please i would like some feedback on my grow tent setup, specifically on if you guys think the exhaust on the bottom would be fine and you think it would rise up and out a window if i had a window and also if i could use passive air intake from the top tent holes. BTW i grew that plant in a box withb a 70 watt hps light. i just recently put all this new stuff together

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    BLUNTED4REAL Well-Known Member

    you could throw more plants under that 600 watter

    wonderblunder Well-Known Member

    He said he is adding 4-6 more, because that one was under 70w HPS. People need to read, maybe they would learn something....... Looks pretty solid.
    I would get some of those cheap in-line duct booster fans from home depot for your intake if you dont have an outdoor intake. Keep the ambient temps in the room cooler with the AC if you can. Looks good. I think you are on the way to some nice plants.
    Scribed, hope this is your journal. plus rep
    The Lorax

    The Lorax Active Member

    this was an old post i just read ur response tho thnx

    this isnt my journal but heres some pics of my plants about 2 days ago. ill get some new ones in a couple days..the pics were taken outside


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