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Indoor Grow Medium/Soil: Whats the Best Mix?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by EpicOzGrow, Jan 14, 2014.


    EpicOzGrow Member

    Hello Everyone

    First of All Within the forums there are massive numbers about this Question Unfortunately Within Other Posts & All over the Place.
    For those of us who are wanting the crucial information from an experienced point of view id Like to ask:

    For Indoor Growing, What is the best Medium Mix for the best Results within the plants entire life-cycle?

    Vegetable Organic or Ocean Organic?
    Epsom Salts & Limes?
    Worm Castings & Chicken guano?
    Perlite/Vermiculite or Secrets?
    Micro-Nutrients & Fertilizers?
    Added Self Mixed/Brewed Products?
    What is molasses & How does it Work/Help?

    Now iv heard rumors from old growers (Old Scool Growers Are the Best of Growers) that placing things like a pvc tube with caps on both ends buried in the most outer part of the soil filled with a Dank nutrient mix (for example smashed crabs/juices/seaweeds) to promote the plants roots to grow out & thru the pipe for the mega nutrients creating massive veg/flower growth, Im not sure if its true but i would Like to Know The Tips & Tricks that really make a difference.

    Iv done my research, Iv read that some growers dont even use nutrients, That they have everything they need & more in just the growing medium/soil, +Foliar Spraying if needed.

    All Experienced Information is Highly Respected as there is So much Mis-Information on the web that explains why so many people have questions & problems.

    Thanks guys

    SaucyAussie Active Member

    Ask 1000 different people and you're going to get 1000 different answers.
    I'm currently doing my first organic grow in a mix of 1/3 ProMix, 1/3 perlite, and 1/3 worm castings. I haven't given them any chemical nutes and they're doing great. When I was using hydro nutes I was using 100% perlite but it seemed difficult to regulate then nutes.

    ETA: The point is, you just have to find what works best for you. :)

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