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Indirect light and its effect on flowering room?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by DaleRoberts, Jul 20, 2010.


    DaleRoberts Well-Known Member

    I made a stealth cabinet in my friends shed that looks like a cabinet. It has 90 degree bends in the back for the intake and out takes (all point at the floor) and sits against the back wall of a shed. In complete darkness you can not see light from the front but on the tops of the doors around the hinges you can see very small peeks of light when the 6 26w cfl's are on and some pale light seeps from the 90 degree dumps on the back. This is a very deep shed that gets opened up maybe 2 hours before the dark cycle is over.

    My question is...Do you think that very very tiny amounts of indirect light can cause a problem? The plant is doing very well and growing at least an inch a day during the 12/12 cycle but after 16 days of 12/12 it hasnt showed signs of sex yet. I thought it was because I started the plant outside for 5 weeks befor moving it in for the last 16 days? IDK I climbed in there and shut the box door with the shed door open and I can hardly see any light whatsoever. The indirect light is nowhere near as bright as the CFLs on inside the cabinet. I have been feeding every other day for a week with 15-30-15 nuts and I am stumped as to wtf is happening here?

    Also YES I have flowered many plants in grow rooms that had little glimmers of light seepage and never had a hermi yet....I dont get it?

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    thalboy Active Member

    You are going to have climb in there and wait about 20 minutes. Check around and see if you can see your hand. If you can than IMO you have too much light.

    If you are an experienced grower than you know light leaks can and will cause delayed flowering, hermies, mutated growth, etc.

    It almost sounds like you have a different light leak you aren't aware of. Or some other light related problem.

    Your plant doesn't look like its too sativa so I don't think it is a genetic issue.

    DaleRoberts Well-Known Member

    I climbed in there and I decided to make a curtain that drapes over in the inside of the doors of the cab. It blocks out 99 percent of any light. All I know is this plant is starting to get stinky and its short and bushy so I looks like a girl but Im not sure yet. We will see...

    Anyone else have an opinion they wanna share?

    Christiandome Member

    Hey DaleRoberts,

    Sounds like you've got your shit together, so I'll not give you the blah,blah. I would like to ask you one question though (and I ask myself this at the same time)------With so much to gain; What the hell have you got to possibly lose by making sure you've got "no" light whatsoever getting in. I ask this realizing of course that sometimes money,time and effort can keep us from our intended goals. Reading your description of your setup, I thinking mabey ducktape or something??????

    MIKE JONES Well-Known Member

    ya when its dark it should be nothing but complete dark , the duck tape sounds like it would work, or anything u have laying around that will stop the light leak will do

    DaleRoberts Well-Known Member

    Well fellas

    The thing is that my friends house has kids around and they are pretty nosey so that's why we put the cab outside. The cab was an old clothes cabinet like for hanging shirts and stuff. I calked all the seams with black caulk and tried to seal every leak I could. I installed westher strip on the doors and sealed it as well as possible. At first it was really good until is pitch dark outside. Then with 6 cfls in there around the seams u could see little peeks of light depending on what way u looked at it. On the back there are 3 vent holes. 2 passive at the bottom on the back and one on the top middle of back. Each vent I put a 90 degree elbow on as a light catch. So if light shines out the back you can see it a little but not much. You really have to look. If the she light is on you cant see it at all.

    My logic was if any light was gonna get in it would have to be from the doors on the front. Now with the curtain inside of the doors there's no friggin way light can get in there. You can't see ur hand when the outside light is in the shed (while inside the cab)

    To answer the questions though. I wanted it to be stealth! It had to look like a regular storage cab. Money is tight and was all spent on lights and nutes. 6 2700 26w cfls 9600 lumens on 1 plant should yield nicely I hope.

    The problem is 16 days and no signs of sex yet. I think its because I started this one outside for 5 weeks and the plant is still adjusting to the CFL? IDK I'm just speculating. Or maybe the little bit of light that was peeking in (we're talking hardley nothing here) made the flowering slow...Or maybe the lights just arent powerful enough..9600 lumens is a good start for 1 plant though Id think? 6 2700 and 2 6500's.

    Sometimes u gotta do things the McGuyver way ha ha....

    DaleRoberts Well-Known Member

    Some new pics from today

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