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Indica Plant 7 Weeks Into Flowering (Plenty of Pics)

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by SmokinTokinLokin, Mar 6, 2009.


    SmokinTokinLokin Active Member

    What's going on all my pot smokers!

    This is my 7 weeks old in flowering stage Indica Plant!

    I provided all the pics necessary so you guys can help me out with this. Well my problem is since I don't know what strain it is, I really don't know when to harvest it... Even though I know Its Indica because of its unique smell of dark orange and fat but short leave structure and overall the size of the plant. I have 4 CFLz with 23 watts and one 57 watt lamp and give it about 10 hours of light now trying to increase the process... I need help guys I want full potentional out of this plant... I dont waiting if I have too, so let me know what you would do in my situation. Would you harvest now becuase its already been 7 weeks of flowering and it was on 12/12 until 2 weeks ago i reduced it to 10/14. I have all the pictures down here so ya'll can tell me what you think...

    Much respect to those who help me with this one...


    IceIceBaby Well-Known Member

    i would give it another week at least..maybe 10 more days. cutting them too early you will lose potential weight.

    good grow tho, dude. looks good for some CFL's.


    SmokinTokinLokin Active Member

    Thanx bro.... Yep it did get bigger then i expected... but then again i would want it to get bigger... so Im guessin i should leave it to grow a little bit more...

    Skunk#1 Well-Known Member

    go get a microscope from radio shack for 12 bucks and check out the tric's when they 80% cloudy (Not Clear) you are ready to harvest, your hairs are still pretty white so you are atleast a week out. Looks good and you started flushing or are you still feeding it nutes?
    Looks good!!

    SmokinTokinLokin Active Member

    Its in soil... I gave it superstrive for about 2 months (i dont no if every heard of dat) but now i just give it organic cane sugar in the water which i give about a table spoon for every gallon...

    GoldenGanja13 Well-Known Member

    I would wait for the pistils to all die and half shrivel up. I would want that Couch Lock, being she is Indo.

    mygirls Medical Marijuana (MOD)

    at least two weeks. they will fill out a lot more. looks good

    [email protected] Well-Known Member

    Nice plant! Serious props ...

    SmokinTokinLokin Active Member

    Thank you all for your advice... its greatly appreciated and as for letting it grow more... im going to go for at least 2 more weeks! Then ill post new pictures

    kronicsmurf Well-Known Member

    thanks for the porn:) sweeet lookin plant:leaf:

    SmokinTokinLokin Active Member

    thanx for da love

    docjohn Well-Known Member

    Yo, what happened wth dat plant?

    HOMEGROWN4DE Well-Known Member

    he not replied coz he still stoned after smoking it all lol! I'd be happy if my girl gives me half as much!!
    check out my cfl grow album, ther only a few pics but she is nice for a bag seed!!

    MarijuanaJit New Member

    Good Shit. Shes Amazing, Lol.

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