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Indiana Outdoor Marijuana

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by kushgro, Nov 11, 2012.


    kushgro Active Member

    My question is simple: if one were to grow a couple plants outdoors in northern Indiana, would they (assuming that they're taken care of and have good genetics) produce good quality cannabis, or would it be more likely to produce mids or lower grade cannabis? I couldn't find anything on this subject. Thanks in advance for the help. :leaf:

    shizz Well-Known Member

    mids/ nug if you realy know what your doing

    kushgro Active Member

    Even if the genetics were good? You don't think you could produce higher quality than high mids?

    shizz Well-Known Member

    you could if you know what ur doing. its more then just genetics. it also has alot to do with weather. cali has the perfect weather for frowing there dry season is flowering season. so there tight colas dont get to much mold. im not sure what the weathers like there.

    indcolts77 Active Member

    I was surprised with what i grew...it wasn't gods gift to earth (or is it? o_O) but it is def better then mids everyone thinks of...i cant stop selling this shit, i had to cut people off before they smoked my whole crop lol

    Parker1023 Active Member

    if you have the right temps\light you should be fine. i dont see why it would be any different its all the same sun. depends on the enviroment where your at

    kushgro Active Member

    Yeah, I mean, it's not exactly Cali, but I would think it would be good quality.

    OLD DUDE Active Member

    I live close, just make sure you have easy access to water and you should be able to rock it!!!!!!

    brimck325 Well-Known Member

    you can grow great weed outdoors there bro! peace

    ProfessorPotSnob New Member

    Dank Weed can be grown all over North America , shit look to our Canadian relatives to the North as they grow some wicked dank way the hell up in the Bush .. It begins with Genetics and ends with care simply put .. Indiana is home to several legendary cuts and they all did not begin indoors lol

    HotShot7414 Well-Known Member

    Depends on genetics,Indiana mj laws are some of the harshest in america,i would know i got a house in nw indiana and i have been to jail for possession with the intent to distribute 1000 ft from a school in indiana so be careful.

    Rottedroots Well-Known Member

    Kushgo.. Cali ain't got nothing on Indiana when it comes to producing top shelve outdoor weed. You do have pick the right strain and give it what it needs but your good to go. If Cali can do it so can you. :D
    What Cali has that you and I don't is an atmosphere and culture of growing. I don't know but I'm guessing in Cali grow shops advertise in the local newspaper but I can't even buy a decent bong or bottle of Tiger Bloom over the counter. We can and will catch up kushgo thanks to sites like this and Ebay.

    Sunbiz1 Well-Known Member


    Someone has been busy in Indiana.

    Now if only I could find the beans, I'll bet if I tried it on a Midwestern in-ground grow it would compare quite favorably to the Cali stuff.

    newbie9 Active Member

    The weed is only as good as the genetics tell it to be. After that its up to you and how you grow it. You can get an insanley dank harvest in Indiana just as you can grow the shittiest poop weed in cali. and vise versa. The TLC and right spot will reward you with all she can. Knowing when to chop knowing when to feed how much to feed all plays a role in how good ure shit will be.

    ShotgunWally Member

    poor kitty

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