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Increasing Potency of your marijuana plants!

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by luvmybud, Jun 3, 2008.


    luvmybud Active Member

    First of all, I was browsing the web about how to make your plants more potent either when you're growing it or when you smoke it but nobody really has an answer. I'm growing my plants outdoors and I hear that your plants will yield quite an amount but won't be as potent as indoor grown plants. How would you go about growing your plants and producing more potent buds? A lot of people say you can't but how come different plants are more potent than others...I mean, at one point in marijuana growing history, someone had to have done something to make a plant more potent because now-a-days marijuana is 2-3 times more potent than 10-30 years ago, you know what I mean?

    For anybody that replies to this post, I know about the dipping in formaldehyde and Honey Oil but I feel there has to be something else! Also I want to make some Honey Oil, what is the best and least expensive way about doing this?

    Gamble Well-Known Member

    i think dope has just got better over the years because people have researched and tested on it, just like the car is better, lights are better, and women are better! LOL .
    People have just discovered what plants need most and methods that work best!
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    marijuanajoe1982 Well-Known Member

    Also, it only holds true that indoors produces more potency than outdoors when you just plant your seed in the ground and leave it. If you have plants outdoors in pots you can control thier nutrient doseages just like you would with indoor bio or hydro. the best weed I've ever smoked was grown outdoors. think about it. If you just put a plant indoors with a light in a pile of dirt it would die. the reason that it ends up better is the amount of time spent by the grower staking, pruning bottom branches, and controllong nutrient doseages. there are ways to get water and nutrients to plants out in the middle of nowhere outdoors and get really chronic shit, but thats pretty advanced guerilla growing, and you really gotta know what you are doing. Not that I know what I'm doing enough to be doing that... I'm just saying you might want to buy a book if you want to learn to grow great outdoor ganj. Also, the more attention you lavish on your crop, the better it will be no matter where you grow it. It's easier to spend time with it if it's in your basement.
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    marijuanajoe1982 Well-Known Member

    Also, you gotta make sure all the cannibinoids fully develope, that includes more than just THC, of course being the most important one. sometimes leaving the fruits on the vine a week longer than you want to will allow a fuller range of cannibinoids to develope, giving you a more complex high. And when you harvest, make sure to "cure" your buds instead of just drying them. a fast dry not only kills off the bouquet of your bud as well as the flavor, but it can cause some THC to degrade and mess up your cannabiniodal equilibrium, creating a high that may still be excellent, but could have been better if cured properly. hope my posts were of some help.

    gangjababy Well-Known Member

    good line of nutrients, good medium, good light, good ventilation

    marijuanajoe1982 Well-Known Member

    Jesus! dipping in formaldehyde?!?! I missed that on the first and second time through... NO SHERMS!!! I have a cousin in new york who witnessed a sherm-head bust through a 2 1/2 inch thick solid oak door with just his hands. Of course it took him several hours and he broke every bone in both of his arms, but he didn't care until the next morning. sound like a fun saturday night?
    Please stay away from the hard stuff. You don't want that in your life. I myself am a recovering oxycontin addict. not the same thing but god damn it, sherm? dude, place some boundaries. experiment a little if you want, but watch yourself.... and no sherm!

    luvmybud Active Member

    Thanks to those that replied! What I'm doing is exactly that; growing my plants outdoors but in large pots. I'm also watching them almost every waking moment of the day making sure they have enough moisture (using only spring water), fertilizing when needed, always getting large amounts of sun, etc. I just thought there was some inside secret to making your plants more potent. Oh well, looks like I'll just keep up what I'm doing then.
    zealand green

    zealand green Well-Known Member

    The best weed i have smoked was outdoors....10-12 years ago,
    now its more popular to find indoor weed...its just not the same....

    marijuanajoe1982 Well-Known Member

    Make sure you don't give them TOO much attention, like over-watering or using alot of nutes, especially early on. I when I grow outdoors I try to give nutes every 3rd or 4th watering once they are a decent size. If you have the plants set in a good spot with plenty of sunshine you should get bomb ass chronic if your seeds are good. Just keep doing what you are, it sounds like you are on the right track

    Flabos Well-Known Member

    Lots of direct sunlight, enough water and nutes. That's it.

    Robby Active Member

    Flabos is right about the best you can do is make sure it get the nutriants and Lots of hrs of direct sun. Also I don't know who told you outdoor plants were'nt as potent as indoor But that's not true. The sun is hotter.

    potsmokinsumbitch Member

    The MYTH about pot getting better is just that a MYTH . Obviuosly these people who say this never had any of the Thai stick goin around or the awesome columbian gold in the late 70,s. there has always been stony weed. ALWAYS. You just have more variety now days with all the breeding. Sure they are always claiming to come up with the dankiest weed ever. But Im sure the eygiptians had some dankity dank.

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