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increase thc level

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by Liam420, Feb 11, 2010.


    Liam420 Well-Known Member

    in my second grow op .. on the flowering stage... everything is coming along nice .. plants r bushy and have nice buds on them.. but doesnt seem like alot of crystal.. anytihng i can do to increase the thc level.. to make it more potent.. i already use nutrients ...

    .. i went and seen a couple, my friend had and there just filled with crystal..wouldn't mind getting

    this an ak 28 femnzed plant, started from seed... so anything i can do to increase the thc or yield.... any advice would be appreciate ... thanks...

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    UNICRONLIVES Well-Known Member

    how long into flowering?? i cant see buds?!!
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    stupidclown Active Member

    from what i hear uvb helps that i got some 10.0 desert sun compact flourecents they are like 12 bucks on amazon

    Liam420 Well-Known Member

    uploaded the wrong picture my bad..

    olishell Active Member

    THC is mostly a genetic thing.You can make your plant all it can be with good lighting and nutes but I believe that's all you can do.Maybe I'm wrong.

    McFonz Well-Known Member

    lower your humidity below 30% and add ventilation. it helped me.

    oregon024 Active Member

    If you can't lower humidity in your grow room.Putting them in a dark room with low humidity.The night befor harvest will increase resin and potency.Oregon024

    T.H.Cammo Well-Known Member

    "All that glitters isn't gold" and all that's "chrystal" isn't THC! Resin and THC are not the same thing! THC gets you high, resin just makes you cough! It's the amount of THC in the resin that matters - not just the amount of resin!

    TheOtherGreenBud Member

    yall realise tho that the crystals are the trichromes right? so thsoe get u high lol

    RemeberMe Active Member

    Yes, keeping them dark for 24 hours or at least harvesting before the lights turn on after the last dark period (only 12 hours dark) is the way to keep any THC from breaking down before harvest. My friend claims that keeping the lights very high off the plants (600 watts at 3 feet) while flowering will also make them flower harder. Says it mimicks the end of season when the sun is offset and not as bright over them. I'll try that this time around.

    T.H.Cammo Well-Known Member

    Trichomes that have enough THC, yes! Hemp can also produce crystally trichomes that have virtually no THC, yall realise that, right? No THC = no high, it doesn't matter how good it looks.

    I say again - THC and resin are not the same thing!

    Resin is made of lots of things, some of them are Cannabinoids, one of those Cannabinoids is THC - only one of them. Perhaps you have never seen bud that had a good "crystally" look to it, but was bogus smoke (low THC level). Well I've seen it and I'm sure others have too!

    McFonz Well-Known Member

    rememberme, during the last week it might help but until then the buds are packing weight and I think light is essential.
    In the last week the buds usually don't swell much but simply rippen.

    HottFuzz Active Member

    i hear the low humidity helps as well as the lights being off for like 24 before harvest. as far as the uvb light im hearing great reviews. uvb is still kind of a new concept to the majority of indoor growers but it does make perfect sense. just be careful with uvb for yourself and for your plants, dont put em too close. and if you can, get 5.0 uvb lights instead of 10.0. the plants supposedly get more beneficial "shit" outta the 5.0's. thats just what i read tho, i havent used em yet but plan to on my next grow.

    bckiller12 Well-Known Member

    I found this online HOPE THIS HELPS!!!!

    1. Water
    Many studies have been carried out on the relationship of water and THC content and all seem to agree that when faced with low water supply and low humidity THC levels are increased.

    2. Light
    These [studies] showed that under conditions of high UV-B (280-315 nm) exposure, cannabis produces significantly greater quantities of THC.

    3. Stress
    I have also come across many tips about wounding your plant to increase THC. "Wounding" refers to maybe bending the stem a little or cutting it with a clean razor. I'm told anything above these wounds, will become stronger when it heals. "What doesnt kill you makes you stronger."
    I dont know the exact numbers, but I know that those who do this, definitely see in increase in crytallized resin, stem and flower growth.

    (+rep if this tip helped anybody)
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    doobiesnax Active Member

    get some mollases.
    Jer La Mota

    Jer La Mota Well-Known Member

    True, swells up the buds, tho Im confused..
    some say only soil, others say hydro too ..

    Favre2Harvin Well-Known Member

    So would LST increase THC levels?? if ur sayin stress has an effect??

    purplebibble Member

    ..curious to know on that as well.
    Professor Puff.n.Tuff

    Professor Puff.n.Tuff Active Member

    If you are wanting more trichomes you can add a procdut by Homboldt county called "snow storm". It will increase your trichomes within a couple days.

    boarderofsnow Well-Known Member

    The point of LST-"LOW STRESS" TRAINING, is to increase bud sights which increases yield. It's "LOW STRESS" because stress decreases yield and potency. You want to stress your plants as little as possible for the best yield and potency. Hope that helps

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