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In Process of Harvesting

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Storm, Feb 1, 2013.


    Storm Active Member

    I invested 5k$ into a really nice indoor hydro setup with a 600w hps blah blah. The clones I received came with thrips, and I was given advice to use neem oil, and they did not respond well. After 3 months in veg, 5/6 barely recovered. I took clones, and flowered. I have spent the past few days trimming up, and Noticed these little green balls with hairs coming out of them, which makes me wonder about a hermie. At this point, that would mean pollen is all over my brand new 400$ tent, and my new ladies in my veg tent are not going to have a home. Also, on the very tops of the big colas, there are these spots with very white hair clusters. I wondered if these were opened sacks. I trusted a buddy's word they were female, but you can only get so much from a dispensary. As I was trimming these past few days I would come across what I believe to be the female "false seeds" because they have hairs coming out of them and are not hard in anyway. There are some plants with balls that have a structure like ()| (a little ball, with a second piece to the side. I have not noticed any hanging balls (literally), but this is my first cycle and I am a busy guy and this could have easily slipped. Please checkout the pictures and let me know what you think. Really worried about this!

    IMG_0123.jpg IMG_2078.jpg IMG_9886.jpg

    The strain in the picture is power plant, but I had one Alien Fire plant, which had no signs of this, and the bud looks normal for a female. I have also personally smoked the bud from these genetics, and it seemed to have the same "kernel" like structure.

    Thanks for the help!
    Canna Connoiseur

    Canna Connoiseur Active Member

    You look fine. Cannot see what exactly it is that your are specifying though.

    delvite Well-Known Member

    looks good, i see what you mean about the lil banana things :) better pics if you can, maybe a close up :)
    from the pics you have posted if they are pollen sacks they dont look like they have opened :)
    may also be a genetic trait :)..............................Delvite :)

    valuablevariable Well-Known Member

    Could you elaborate on what made your setup cost 5k?

    Storm Active Member

    If you enlarge the first picture, i outline in red the two small pods with orange hairs coming out of them (they are full of trikes on the outside), and they are not hard on the inside. I have had many paid for sacs with these pods in them, and I have been trimming these buds and have felt no hard seeds. The plants I am worried about is the one in picture 2 with the concentrated white hairs. It almost looks like something busted open? But like I said, I have a female with no issues of this. So I really think it is either a hermi or this is just genetics and those are false seeds.

    Storm Active Member

    I have two tents, one for veg, one for flower.


    -flood and drain table setup
    -inline fan
    -two 4 bulb x 2 ft fictures with the individual reflectors
    -ever trip to home depot is another hundred bucks.

    -Green trees bucket system
    -600w hps
    -carbon filter
    -6" inline
    -digitial dimmable ggl ballast.

    +400$ for RO + res + float valve
    +Hoses, pumps, electrical, nutes, scopes, ph pens, you name it.

    I started growing at 17 after a really nice month at work. I am in 5k and have had nothing but problems. I have my new veg plants (about to flower) looking great, so I am really hoping I don't have a ruined tent full of pollen.

    cobra28widow New Member

    I was just about to ask this.. I bought a brand new 1000w ballast and eye hortilux bulb for under $200 lol
    You should really buy your own seeds.. I would say feminized to save you some time. Dont ever buy clones from that place again haha.. Good luck

    delvite Well-Known Member

    if you have others in the same space that arent showing signs id put it down to genetics,
    the other cause could be stress due to enviromental change?
    keep an eye on them if your nt sure :)

    Storm Active Member

    Yea, I think I am OK on this one. But I will never, and I mean never buy another clone again. Not when feminized seeds are a hundred bucks for a guaranteed mother down the line (pending supplier). Thanks for your help. If anyone else has any ideas/opinions, please throw them up. Loving the feedback.

    delvite Well-Known Member

    feminized seeds also can herm through genetic breeding and stress :) peace - Delvite

    valuablevariable Well-Known Member

    What kind of results are you looking for? 5k still seems like a lot to spend, I would expect a professional grow-op with that kind of investment ;-). Can we see a picture of the whole setup? Next time you are planning a grow, fly me in, Ill build you one and we'll still have enough left to go on an amsterdam trip together.

    thatboyis1uvakind New Member

    Looks seeded.... or was begining to seed

    Mr.Marijuana420 Well-Known Member

    bet he just didnt shop around for the best price, probably got everything from a hydro shop
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    gagekko Well-Known Member

    Tent lined with gold instead of mylar...
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    Storm Active Member

    Ok, I actually matched internet prices for every name brand Item I bought. The setup itself cost 3k, but by the time you buy everything else it ads up. I also got hit with pests my first round, which is why i am so delayed. Clones are money, and so are the pest removal systems needed to get rid of them. On top of matched internet prices, I got a 25% discount from the store manager, and have warranties on everything (This hydro store is the biggest in california with multiple locations). I was not ripped off (at all), and I feel safer in my house knowing I am not growing with Chinese crap that could burn my house down. Please keep in mind I started growing at 17 years old and had my med card at 16. I still live at home, and I wanted my parents to understand that I am not trying to be a backyard shit grower, but instead produce high quality medicine that will not result in damage to our house. I do not need help with the gear, I could build and design efficient setups like it is nothing, and have been around tools my whole life. That is not my issue. Plants change based on genetics and a million other variables. That's what my question is about. Do I have a hermie or not? I am a computer programmer and this could have slipped. Please someone give me a definite answer. My setup is better than most, and at 17 to drop 5,000$ after making 25k$ in two months, was not taken lightly. I did not throw away money so stop with the stupid comments, when I could not only outbuild many of you, but could also program systems to automate across the world. If I needed help or comments on this, I would have posted pictures of the setup. It is really not relevant Temps are perfect, water is perfect, I even bought a fucking RO second day of growing. Who else does that? I know what is up, and my common sense has never let me down.

    Storm Active Member

    Actually, I did 2 weeks of internet research. Found exactly what I wanted, walked in, and they matched the prices and added a 25% discount since I dropped 2500$ that day. After that I was in there almost everyday after improving my system. You make assumptions and jokes, and assume that because I am new to growing I don't know how to make financial decisions? Please... I make more than 3 households do in a month in a day at 18 years old. I am not some ignorant fuck.

    thatboyis1uvakind New Member

    Then u should not be so easily disturbed by comments on a public forum from strangers w aliases....u are now inviting further comments...the troll loves to b fed.

    Storm Active Member

    I could care less about trolls (they are usually the broke bitches still growing in soil with cfls) and I am not disturbed, a few were curious and some made assumptions. Everything should now be answered on my end. Still waiting on a definite response.

    Coho Well-Known Member

    Water kills pollen btw.

    whocares100 Active Member

    Hey calm down and go with the flow...It's working for now and u will keep improving with new skills and hopefully some killer bud, and 19 when u drive a rolls, come on buy and take me for a ride :)

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