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in need of autoflower grow advice

Discussion in 'DWC/ Bubbleponics' started by hydrohippie, Dec 21, 2009.


    hydrohippie Member

    i going to start a bubbleponic system with 600 watt hps light and im gonna use lemon skunk autoflowering seeds and i dont know the best way of doiing it cause im not familer with the autoflower. what nutrents should i use and when?? how long should i flush it?? any advice would really help

    rightchoice Member

    bubbleponics is awesome in my opinion - for nutes i give advanced nutrients 3 part ( micro, grow,bloom) i use them as per directions in equal parts ( 1:1:1 ratio ) my plants are extremely lush and full of bud sites - they have grown 2-3 inches faster than most of my buddies plants in a given time frame ( we all grow lemon diesel ) in a grow cab . bubbleponics is new to me so maybe it's beginners luck ?? they have commented on how well they have developed . i have toyed at the thought of trying autoflower myself - maybe next round - my own research on it suggests to me that 18/6 would be better than 24/7 ( which is my light cycle for veg.) i got the impression that autoflowers would need a dark period to help it regulate when to flower and that 24/7 would just cause stress to it , and you dont have to change the light cycle ( obviously) because it will just start flowering when its ready usually autoflowers are mature in 60 days or less . another suggestion is useing a bloom booster after about 3 weeks .
    Illegal Smile

    Illegal Smile Guest

    I have grown autos severl times and use use 24/7 light throughout, that is one of their advantages. Just go to mostly 2700k light when the begin to flower and shift to a bloom nute schedule. By the way, "bubbleponics" means different things to different people, check thelink below for one approach.

    miztaj Active Member

    Some of those autoflowers are very sensitive to nutes. Go easy on them and you should be good,let them tell you when enough is enough.............Good luck.

    Sensibowl Active Member

    This seems to be a big issue around the boards lately. I keep going around and telling people that while advanced nutrients are great, you really need to use them at half strength, especially in your current setup.

    try using a third or a half of the recommended nutes. That's really going to help you out without causing any troubles along the way - which happened to me one of my first grows...

    it would be cool to see what happens with this one

    haven't done this sort of grow in a while, so keep us updated as to what happens and if the advice actually works...

    i'm no expert, i admit it...


    hydrohippie Member

    thanks for the advise
    i was also curious on how potent are the autoflowers compaired to traditona

    hydrohippie Member

    thank you everyone for your help

    autolemonhead Member

    everything they said, start introducing the bloom nut after week 3, flush at week 5, then your last 10 days flush again. they explode after week 3. I'd like to know how that lemon turns out, went with blue hymilan deisle instead. from what i've hear that lemon reaks. haha

    autolemonhead Member

    oh, forgot. they have done a very good job stablizing auto's now, so for the most part the strength is right up there with your regular indica and sativa, so if its not that stable it depends on the phenos you get. seed one out to save yourself some cash also

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