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I'm a GrowAholic

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by Subbie, Dec 29, 2012.


    Subbie Active Member

    The new year is almost upon us which is the time for resolutions. My particular resolution is 2 fold. First is, stop hoarding and buying new seed strains! OMG, I have enough for the next 2 years at my current setup. Which leads me to my problem number 2, more grow room stuff. Repeat after me, I will not convert another bedroom to a grow room!

    So there it is. I've only been doing this for about 9 months and I have a problem.

    My name is Subbie and I'm a GrowAholic.

    Happy New Years Nerds!
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    grownbykane Active Member


    my name is kane and i am a growaholic (whole room says "hi kane")

    my obsession has progressed to the point of me forcing my parents to watch slide shows of my plant and bud photos when they come visit me. i recently showed my mother some ice water hash and explained the process of making it and her response was "i know your a licensed caregiver and all, but that sounds really illegal". ha! no mom, it doesnt sound illegal, it sounds delicious :)
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    IamFreeman15 Member

    Hey there, I am Freeman.

    I too am a growaholic!
    I started a little over a year ago with a 400 watt light, a tent, and a couple plants. I now have converted a portion of my garage into a grow space. I am currently running the 400 plus I added a 600 watt digital ballast for 1000 watts. Running 6 plants this round. I only need about two plants worth for myself but I just love growing so I will give the others to friends.
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    Cann Well-Known Member

    Hi, my name is Cann and I'm a growaholic...

    Spend so much time in my various rooms that my girlfriend has started to dislike my hobby...she's jealous of all the attention I am giving my other ladies! To the point where I will be on RIU reading threads late into the night and she will not stop bugging me until I pay attention to her and close the computer... :bigjoint: Last night she had to take off her top and crawl into my lap in order to get me to stop obsessing over cannabis...and that barely distracted me enough...

    I repeat after Subbie - "I will not convert another bedroom into a grow room!!!!" Already have 2 converted bedrooms...only 1 left and I'm living in it haha...I guess I could always put a tent in the master bedroom closet....just another way to piss off the misses ;-)

    Who else has a girlfriend that gives you constant shit for your hobby? It's an addiction! Sorry if I think my frosty ladies are a little bit sexier than you....but they are!!! No doubt about it :bigjoint:No need to get jealous lol...thats the best thing about cannabis - it never gets jealous and starts acting crazy! Yet another reason I prefer to hang out with my frosty ladies over my human lady :)
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    Indagrow Well-Known Member

    I have a growing feeling that I'm addicted as well
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    Ecips Active Member

    So funny
    hi I'm Ecips
    im addicted to growing
    ive come to terms now I know it's not that I'm addicted it's that all my friends and family
    go to NA and AA meetings and I can't seem to find a program that helps with my obsession !!
    yes I'm addicted to soda , sour dough bread , big fat doobies , and growing my secret herb
    i hope to get more informed about the ways to deal with chopping a big fat plant down :(
    and starting a new one !
    Every time I chop them down , I have to get like 10 box's of tissues , a few 12 packs
    and a few packs of zig zags just to cope !
    I know how you guys feel
    i seem to relapse and then relax
    great thread
    2 thumbs up
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    MrGreenTooth Active Member

    I am guilty !
    sgt john

    sgt john Well-Known Member

    Hello, Im John, and I believe I'm a growaholic.
    And I think I'm a RIU-aholic as well..
    When I read all the threads on how to grow, I feel like all the information is being absorbed into me as my plants absorb the light..
    I like those of you who put theory to test, try new ways to grow, tips and tricks, and hell, I even like some of the political threads as well.

    A solute to you Subbie and all the members who share the info.

    Damn this addiction...
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    Subbie Active Member

    Im just Subbie. Subcool is 'The Man'. But thanx for joining the thread :)


    Endur0xX Well-Known Member

    Hi, My name is Enduroxx and I am addicted to trichomes, I am a Growaholic. Thanks to all for sharing infos and happy new year!
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    dirtysouthgenetics Active Member

    Hi my name is dirty...
    I to am a growaholic...I can't stop...I have 42 febreeze candles in my house....takin up 1 bathroom 2 closets...and a shed...a attic..
    and can't wait till my oldest daughter moves out...her bedroom could hold..3 1000 w...I need help....I'm not even in a legal state.....
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    HeavyDutyNugz Member

    Hi i'm HDN
    I hope to become a groaholic, i have smoked for some time now and really want to get my own going on which i am in the process of doing.
    i'll report back once i'm addicted
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    Schmarmpit Well-Known Member

    I'm schmarmpit and I'm a growaholic. Problem is, I only have a wee small space to grow. I run a 400W CMH 12/12 always so that I can constantly be adding new strains.
    I need a bigger room. I need two rooms for flowering and veg! I need all the things a growaholic yearns for.

    I order too many seeds online. The strains are irresistible! I have far more seeds than I could ever end up growing. Some seeds have been untouched for years now.

    I need to move to a legal state and become a caregiver so that I can take this addiction to the next level!!!!
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    Endur0xX Well-Known Member

    dirty, I dont know for you but the chemicals in febreeze is the last thing I would want burning near my organic buds!! Just a thought! or maybe your intake is from outside?

    And dont cheap out that bedroom could hold 4 x 1000W :eyesmoke:

    dirtysouthgenetics Active Member

    Fresh air from the crawl space....stankin air out tha roof.....carbon filter or not.....my lemon gas stanks the whole house up..

    dabumps Well-Known Member

    If I was able to push it out my roof I wouldnt filter it.

    neonknight420 Well-Known Member

    Wow! I couldn't have said it better. My name is Neon Knight and i'm a growaholic. I can't stop, my interest in other things has just faded into a distant memory, If i'm not tending to my plants i'm reading a book or mag about growing. My girl hates what I do, hates when i'm on the computer, and hates when i'm reading. It's just something I been doing most of my life, she just refuses too try and understand that what I do means so much to me.
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    nugbuckets Well-Known Member

    sounds like you need to find a new girlfriend bro!....

    dabumps Well-Known Member

    But I recommend hooking her up with a hotter and more successful dude first! That way there is no beef.

    Cann Well-Known Member

    Agreed! If your gf hates your hobby you might want to find another gf...My girl gives me shit for growing but she still loves weed in the end so she puts up with it. Helped me trim for 5 hours last night, that was nice :mrgreen:. Its not necessarily the growing thats the issue, it's the incessant reading of weed related things (RIU, teaming with microbes, etc.) and the money spent at the hydro store that really annoys her. That, coupled with the fact that I have 2 of our 3 bedrooms full of plants...and the bedroom we sleep in has plants hanging in the closet, and plants quarantined in the master bath lmao. All her friends want to come hang out...I'm a hermit...its a delicate line to walk. One too many nosy friends and it could get interesting...lol. Why are the two empty bedrooms in your house locked??? And what is that loud fan noise coming from inside??...lol. Anyone with half a brain can put those two together...

    Beware of jealous exes giving away your setup! Only show a gf your grow if you trust her 100% and aren't planning on leaving her anytime soon. This is crucial!!!

    neonknight - don't piss her off so much that she leaves you and tells some other motherfucker about your setup!! that can be a dangerous game. Pay attention to her, make her feel special, wait till she falls asleep, and then get up in the middle of the night and lurk on RIU :blsmoke: Why do you think so many of my posts are in the middle of the night??? ;-)

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