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Illinois Growing Season

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by emericankid728, Oct 27, 2007.


    emericankid728 Active Member

    Hey, i live in illinois about an hour northwest of Chicago, and i was wondering if some of you can get me some facts on planting here in IL. Like, what month i should start growing, when to pick, how to keep it healthy, etc.

    replies would be great.


    foily Well-Known Member

    welcome to the forum. well i grow about 2 hours from you so what you need to do is get some killer seeds and start growing at the end of april. make sure your planting somewhere that NOONE else goes and dont tell ANYONE. those are the first few steps. they will be ready to harvest around october. :)

    Kant Well-Known Member

    well i'm not an outdoor grower but i would say that northern illinois' grow season is probably shorter than average. so early may to late sept. these are just guesses.
    Florida Blooms

    Florida Blooms Well-Known Member

    I would look for through some grow journals. Most people start mid april to early may. Myself ... I start late may. I figured the sun is really starting to beat down at that time in FL. Then I am planning on harvesting within the next month. Long season this year =/.

    foily Well-Known Member

    well as i said already, i live only 2 hours from this guy and if your lucky like this year, i was able to go all the way to the 22nd of October so you can get lucky.

    sstolley Active Member

    That's the hardest part. Not telling anyone. Never tell anyone.

    ohyaitsgrowing Active Member

    i live in IL too how can u grow here when it rains all the time wont it get all moldy when it starts to flower and bud when it rains?

    Homerbud Well-Known Member

    I'm in IL as well. Only 30 miles west of Chicago and I grew outdoors this year. I put my plants outdoors in late April and finally cut her down Oct. 23rd.

    Towards the end, the rain was becoming a problem as I started to get bud rot, but if you can cover up your plants towards the end of the growing season, then you should be fine. During the summer, the rain was welcomed as it's the best source of food for any plant.

    foily Well-Known Member

    hey homer my crop turned out great. im about 3 hours from you. did your turn out great?

    mrfreak7q Member


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