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Identify my bug! Good or Bad? -Pic included

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by GidgetGrows, Feb 15, 2010.


    GidgetGrows Well-Known Member

    So I had gnats, thought I got rid of them, but have a minor infestation again. But I found this brown lookin ladybug thing.... is it here to eat my gnats? What is it? Is it good or bad?

    One pic of a gnat, the other, the as of yet unidentified visitor.

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    UNICRONLIVES Well-Known Member

    that my lady looks like a beetle!!
    trichlone fiend

    trichlone fiend New Member

    ...your 1st pic >>>
    So there’s good news, and there’s bad news: The good news is adult fungus gnats only live about one week. The bad news is that in this short time, the female will deposit 100-150 eggs on your plant’s soil surface. These eggs are laid in strings of three to 40 and can hatch within four days of being laid!
    The emerging larvae are clear to creamy-white and can grow to about 5 ½ millimeters long. They have shiny black head capsules. The larvae feed on tasty root hairs in the upper 1 centimeter of the soil, then work their way up into the plant stem. (They also love to feed on the roots of your newly planted seed, so watch those seed-starting trays in spring!) The larvae feed on highly organic soils, too. After feeding for approximately 14 days, the larva pupates. In about three and a half days, an adult will emerge from the case. The total life cycle takes two to four weeks.

    ...2nd pic idk.
    drew k.420

    drew k.420 Active Member

    first one looks like it could be winged aphid or an adult fungus gnat. im looking in my desructive insect guide right now and i cant see anything that resembles that second bug.its not desructive to plants,as far as i can tell ,anyway,hope that helped,good luck.
    Pipe Dream

    Pipe Dream Well-Known Member

    looks like a beetle to me too. Aren't the red lady bugs all female or something? i thought that's why they call them lady bugs. Maybe it's a male or something i don't think you have anything to worry about.

    GidgetGrows Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure the first is a gnat. I had one, it died, but then I seen the larvae in my soil, I poisoned some of my plants trying to kill them, but they have resurfaced as adults in the soil of my flowering prettys, so I am just doing what I can to control them so they don't get stuck all over my sticky icky.

    I'm hoping that beetle came to eat them! That would be awesome, but I just don't know.

    UNICRONLIVES Well-Known Member

    better safe then sorry kill them all and let God sort them out !!

    dew-b Well-Known Member

    the first looks like a young box elder bug to me. second not a lady bug.maybe take them to your local universty bug department.

    UNICRONLIVES Well-Known Member

    ok! i found it!! a carpet beetle (family Dermestidae) in the genus Anthrenus. As larvae they eat all manner of dried animal products, so are thus pests of furs, woolens, e

    UNICRONLIVES Well-Known Member


    UNICRONLIVES Well-Known Member


    GidgetGrows Well-Known Member


    UNICRONLIVES Well-Known Member

    it says the jus feed on pet fur and dander and such......but i dont think i would take any chances!!

    dh0864 Member

    i have the same beetles on my plants and they are eating the leaves. the weird thing is, is that they stay away from 1 of my 4 plants and just eat the 3

    themistocles Well-Known Member

    Bugs can be very plant specific I've had spider mites that would be infesting one plant and not another plant right next to it and it is the same for any bug.

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