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Identification of my Plants

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by AussieHydro, Nov 8, 2013.


    AussieHydro Member

    I have looked over a lot of photos, but its difficult to tell without having the experience that a lot of you boys have. Could those of you that can see any traits in these photos PLEASE let me know what you see. If you need more photos from any angle or closer up, just say so, I am quite desperate to identify these 3 plants I have. I actually don't smoke, well maybe once a year or two, I am doing this because this is such a beautiful plant, and I am one of many who has discovered Rick Simpson. A 52 year old friend of mine is quite sick, so I am hoping to get him onto this oil, when almost 8 years of medication and doctors has failed quite badly.

    Something to mention beforehand, I live in Australia, so I guess it will make it harder to identify these, but I am very serious about finding out as much about these 3 plants as possible. The photos below are of just one plant.

    M_2_1.jpg M_2_4.jpg M_2_2.jpg M_2_3.jpg

    I have the 2 other Mothers to identify, but I will get these looked at first. The more info you guys can tell me the better.

    dubcoastOGs New Member

    looks like weed man! beyond that, goodluck.

    Twitch Well-Known Member

    i am with him, you defiantly have marijuana growing.....

    Twitch Well-Known Member

    my bad dude its skunk #17, i can tell by the leaves being green and the hairs being hairy

    Southerner Well-Known Member

    Its leaf structures look sativa leaning, probably a hybrid, but other than that it is what you make of it.

    lime73 Weed Modifier

    looks like a sativa...very long flowering time aprox 12-16 weeks

    it doesn't matter what strain it is, and no one can identify strain from a pic.

    Cascadian Well-Known Member

    Agree, it is a Sativa or a Sativa leaning hybrid. There is no way to tell exactly what strain it is by looking at it. Even if you grow it out and smoke it it is impossible to know because there are so many different phenotypes even for one strain often times. If you are looking for cancer fighting benefits you should look into growing some CBD heavy strains. Not that easy to find but there are some sources for seeds.

    AussieHydro Member

    I realize nobody can say exactly what it is, that would be stupid to think anybody could from just a photo or two. I am after some expert opinion of anyway to identify curtain things about this plant, what I didn't expect was the twits who cant help themselves.

    Cascadian Well-Known Member

    It should tend to have a more "uplifting" high, meaning more of a head high or functional high. The type of weed you could smoke and still get tasks done on etc. An indica (typically with broader leaves) tend to have more of a relaxing body high or what some call (couch lock). I would tend to think that for a cancer patient the indica type would be more beneficial. That doesn't mean a sativa couldn't help your friend though. Either will be beneficial just in different ways...

    AussieHydro Member

    Thanks for that, I am quite a bit more into this than I thought, and these 3 plants being so different from possible the same bag have caught my interest, although that doesn't seem possible with the different characteristics. Would be awesome if there was a DNA bank for marijuana, but that would bring some issues for most of us just sending it in.
    robert 14617

    robert 14617 Well-Known Member

    i'd research super cropping she is going to be a monster
    Po boy

    Po boy Well-Known Member

    looks like Miley Cyrus kush!

    JohnDee Well-Known Member

    I say Willie Nelson...though if you were to mail me a joint, my opinion might be honed...

    dubcoastOGs New Member

    Dude, it's just a sativa. Grow it out and find out if you like it or not. You didn't stumble across some crazy messiah marijuana plant. It doesn't have magical powers or give you X-ray vision. Your not gonna be featured in high times magazine.

    there are thousands of strains out there, the fact that your looking for someone to help you classify your plant into a particular strain, or even give you any other information than what the leaves look like, is why your getting the half wit comments. We're stoned, and that shits funny.

    Goodluck mate!

    sikkinixx Active Member

    It is pretty funny. Both the sarcastic peanut gallery and the people giving expert diagnosis and expected flowering time. Just hilarious.

    brodietheconeking Well-Known Member

    sativa dominant,you will struggle with this plant if this is your first grow

    dubcoastOGs New Member

    Stop. It's already like 3 feet tall. He's clearly not struggling. Please don't stereotype phenotypes.

    brodietheconeking Well-Known Member

    ok ok,so sativa grow the same as indica's now a days because we cant stereo type a plant?in that case why do we have strains? why do most seed banks have beginner strains? moron

    dubcoastOGs New Member

    lol, sure dood.

    Attention everyone: ALL SATIVAS ARE HARD TO GROW. Every single one. Everyone one of them is really difficult to grow. Don't grow sativas if your a new grower. ask me, I can tell from the leavesssss, I'm the Lorax.

    come on man, get real.

    I love you.

    why do we have strains...really? really?!?! do you know what gene's are?

    brodietheconeking Well-Known Member

    so what your claiming is sativas are just as simple as indicas to grow? get real

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