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Ideal CFL type: Daylight, Cool, White light?

Discussion in 'CFL / Fluorescent Lighting' started by Brux013, Jan 28, 2008.


    Brux013 Well-Known Member

    I was thinking about getting 27w Daylight CFLs x8 for a box I'm currently building but I came across different kinds of bulbs and decided to wait before buying something I might not like.

    So I was hoping someone could throw down some info with the differences between cool, white light and daylight. I would assume daylight would be the optimal choice but I could be wrong.
    the widowman

    the widowman Well-Known Member

    full spectrum daylight and throw in some warm /reds aswell.

    6isafraidof7 New Member

    and change that avatar it gave me the creeps.

    ganji2 Well-Known Member

    In my experience, cfls suck for vegging. Get some 4' tubes.=F

    buster7467 Well-Known Member

    I vegged 2 plants under just 3 15watt cfls and they did great. I vegged them for like 3 weeks, maybe just alittle longer and they really grew well. I really think that we need a sticky at the top of this sub-forum about what lights to use. This seems to be the first question from people just starting out with cfls.

    roadguy Active Member

    I have used both cfl and tubes, have got great results off both. Just have to make sure you are buying the right type. Check out the sunblasters at extremegrowing.com I have these in my home as well great full spec light.

    Gamberro Well-Known Member

    PS- I use mostly Daylight with a few lower-watt (like 9 or so) Soft Whites.

    Brux013 Well-Known Member

    Ya, I don't mean to infest the forums with newbile questions. I usually try doing some subtle research before going to the extreme of asking simple questions. Just making sure if Daylight was the way to go. I read somewhere on Rollitup that daylight's spectrum was out of whack or some BS, so just making sure.

    As for the red CFLs for vegging, does home Depot have them in 27ws? I don't think they do. I'm fixing to throw in 8 27w CFLs and 1-2 90-125w growlight CFLs.

    For flowering is it best to stick with the x8 daylights or do blue CFLs have a significant difference?

    Again thanks for the constant help and to the guy that got creeped out by the avatar, sorry. I'll find a better one when I see something more appealing :)

    juggalo0707 Well-Known Member

    I use the 7k Lummies 5500k Spectrum from ebay It's a big Cfl light for 60 bucks and a whole bunch of small 6500k's with reflectors on my plants I also have a blue 168 LED light and a red one as well you can get the LEDs which produce no heat and mix them with your cfl's. I use a good exhaust fan which brings my temp down there good fans look on ebay the suck and blow at the same time lol Good Luck with your grow i like your setup idea.

    buster7467 Well-Known Member

    Hey if you don't ask you wont know. I did not mean any harsh things by what i said. I am still a newbie myself. Like you said, you usually do some searching for info. But if you cant find it you have to ask. That is why i think it would be a good idea to put a sticky up at the top that explains what the different spectrum's are and stuff.

    Brux013 Well-Known Member

    Right on bro, I'm a bit confused on what 'exact' CFLs I should buy. My stealth file cab is 16"x24"x27.5" and I'll make sure to take some great pics when its done. I'm just really fickle at the moment. I don't know whether I should just pick up 8 27w daylight CFLs, or get 4 daylights and 4 warms/red (don't even know where to get reds!!) So much to think about.

    If anyone can chime in on whats a good setup CFL bulb wise feel free. I'm oblivious at the moment. If I were to pick my own destination I'd say all 27w Daylight and my 95w CFL 2700k full spectrum warm bulb.. (and maybe a 125watter CFL bulb from home depot) for vegetation and flowering. I think this would be give me an abundant grow.

    This cabinet is so sneaky too, :) I can't wait to finish making it, I'd love to make a journal to show it off.

    wbinwv Well-Known Member

    I've grown with CFL's successfully. On my last grow I vegged with (12) 26watt 6500K CFL's and they did a great job. I've just started a new CFL grow. This time I've replaced 4 of the 12 bulbs with 42watt 2700k bulbs. In reality I've only added a total of 4400 lumens but I wanted to use some red spectrum bulbs in the veg stage this time to see if there's a difference. I think that mixing your bulbs as you have planned will work fine.

    Hank Well-Known Member

    Learn the Kelvin Ratings. Remember Blue spectrum for Veg and Red/Warm spectrum for flowering. It's good to have both of best worlds though.


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    Brux013 Well-Known Member

    Kind of turning in a different direction but I thought I'd rather just revive the thread than make another one...

    A scenario: 4 pre-wired medium socket cords. All 4 have twin socket adapters.

    Question: Is it safe to splice two pre-wired medium socket cords with twin socket adapters and bulbs intact together? Making it a two plug in port instead of four? How about all 4 in 1? Why, why not?

    Gamberro Well-Known Member

    I've heard of this being done, so surely it can, but I wouldn't preach chuuch on that, and probably no one else would either. If you don't have several reliable sources on the wiring you're doing, don't try it, that's the general rule. Important stuff.

    Alexkapone Active Member

    Hi all, I'm just a curious newbie but I have a question... just got here via a google search
    I have a special light that my psychiatrist prescribed me for SAD(seasonal affect disorder). I'm really not planning to grow anything (it's too expensive and time consuming for me) but if I ever had the opportunity I was curious if my light would work. It's damn bright! 10000 lux at 1-2 feet away and "full spectrum" to mimic the sun. It keeps me awake better than coffee.

    Sunbox dot com is the company I got mine from.
    My model is the Sunlight Jr.

    It appears to be a set of 4x55 watt bulb. I think within 16 inchs from the light you are getting 10000 lux.


    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member


    Gamberro Well-Known Member

    That would work. The only reasons people wouldn't normally use such a light would involve cost and power usage, but if the power usage is low and you already have one, why not cure your rainy days twice over, right?
    I should look into one of these SAD things, I also get seasonal depression.

    GrapePhilly&Chronic Active Member

    canadian tire has them now. check their site.

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