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i was wondering if i grow 12 1/2 pint jars of magic mushroom how long it will take

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by Jesse420, Dec 24, 2010.


    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    good luck....

    bulk is hard and can easily fail if you arnt familiar with easier mushroom grows.

    may i suggest the PF Tek Method??
    some people hate roger rabbit for making these videos...
    but i think if you are new to cultivating magic mushrooms or mushrooms in general....
    watch all 4 videos...


    420God Well-Known Member


    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member


    420God Well-Known Member

    I keep that post saved in my notepad for all the new shroomers asking questions.

    Comes in handy. I wish they made a sticky where to buy spores.

    Jesse420 Member

    lol thanx for the info have you ordered spores off of all these sites successfully? and when you guys say the more exotic strains are harder to grow why is this it just dies easier or gets contaminated easier or something? And which stage does it give more problems in the fruiting stage? thanx for the help guys and HeartLessBBQ i appreciate you helping me with almost every question i have posted with very detailed information

    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    haha we share the same psych my friend.

    my thoughts exactly...

    PStanky Active Member

    hes not heartless thats mean =( haha jk
    but he is HEATless

    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    i have ordered spores successfully from micro supply. but the reason exotic strains like pan cyans are harder to grow is cuz you need to case them and put the substrate into treys.
    if you master making monotubs or treys with cubes. you will most likely get a decent crop with pan cyans if you know how to do bulk methods. and you are correct, it is simply easier to contam. when you do treys or tubs.

    but the easiest way to contam. is during and after inoculating the jars. once the cakes are colonized it is more resistant to contams. and no worries. but once you try and make treys or tubs. you may contam. i dont wanna go into further detail on how it contams. but if you look into bulk methods youll know why. and fruiting stage can get contams but its rare if you keep it clean. its not that hard.

    and no problem bro. i got all this info from veterans on this wonderful site. just passing it along to new comers. =]

    bahaha. thats like what number 3 or 4 that youve said this? baahaha.!
    i love how its sooo easily mistaken for heartless.
    a heartless bbq does not make any sense. neither does a heatless one but still...i find hilarious that so many people dont think it through.

    palerider Active Member

    Jesse420, flushing shrooms just refers to the growth you get out of your cakes after hydrating them. After you dunk them they will grow like crazy for about a week till they use up all of the moisture in the cake, at which point you have to dunk them in water again in order to get another 'flush' of shroomies. Thought I would clarify that as flushing your pot plants and flushing your cakes are two totally different/unrelated procedures. Happy shrooming!

    Jesse420 Member

    i am ordering my spores from the hawks eye i am so confused on which strain i should choose for my first grow though i heard someone mention that Psilocybe Cubensis Penis Envy is an amazing strain but is it hard to grow and will i get just as big of yields as with other cubensis strains ? from the large selection of spores the hawks eye sells which would you suggest for my first grow potent easy to grow and the largest yields any info will be very help full this is an important question lol thank you

    Jesse420 Member


    420God Well-Known Member

    Golden Teachers, Cambodians, and B+ are the strains I hear first time growers talking about the most.

    The yield and potency are really close to the same when it comes to growing mushrooms.

    I would would go with something easy until you get comfortable growing.

    mojoganjaman Well-Known Member

    bulk is no harder than cakes...it just takes longer to achieve fruiting...my first grow was cakes...had shouldered jars so I went straight to bulk...crumbled my cakes to two trays of h-poo/verm...get the good shit...get the poo!!!!

    and stop passing off "your" ideas as fact!!!

    10001110101 Member

    Just to suggest a book, virtually anything by Paul Stamets is a great choice.

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