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I want to pick individual buds early

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by purplecstasy, Aug 22, 2007.


    DumbleDank Active Member

    I broke down last night and cut a immature bud of my little lady. Its at 8 weeks, and im harvesting anyday now, the bud was immature, lower on the plant and wouldnt be done in time. I have no intention on letting them stay anylonger so I figured I'd take a taste. I hung the bud about 1 inch from a space heater, sat back, watched Walk Hard. When I returned after the movie it was crispy enough and gave a good high. The heater I used was not hot at all, just some slight warm air, seemed to work fine if you just want to try it out.

    Merry Christmakkah rollitup

    potorlando Well-Known Member

    8 weeks.... I'm dying over here. I want to trim some more, but just a day over 5 weeks in!!!

    madmax420 Member

    hey bro just wanted to give you advice I'm also growing master kush. I work for a collective in my city. you asked when will your bud look like the ones you get. Bro two much to say. It's all about how you feed, light's stress. Then when you cut the light you needed is now harmful. watch for fungis mold.. you need to understand people that grow the medical pot. have thousands of dollers to spend to make the bud's able to give to the public. look into bud candy. look up the weed bible. funny story when I was new at growing my first two plant's I grew I thought died so I threw them in the outside trash for three day's my uncle found them and grew them out. weed plant's can take alot. Don't pull weed before it's done. you will force the plant to stress. there causes it to heal were to hurt it. cause less production on thc through whole plan't. hit me up [email protected]. I'm a medical user I have the right to use weed. so kiss my a-- if you don't like it.:weed::joint:

    LWD Active Member

    Did a search and found this thread. I managed to trim all the lower branches that were not getting the light penetration from my 400hps and dry them. At four weeks into flowering I wasn't expecting much, but I found the high to be just as good as some herb I bought the other day. Just make sure the ones you do sample are from the lower branches and not from a bud site that is getting good light to be harvested later.

    tekdc911 Well-Known Member

    if it has trich's on it it will get you high it will just be a cerebral high

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