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I Wanna Grow High Grade

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by ManInTheShed, Feb 13, 2007.


    ManInTheShed Well-Known Member

    hi, im in the process of growing some ice ATM, i know its a potent strain when its grown properly, but im not properly growing PUNK, but simply enjoying the fruits; and trying to grow it! Also im scared i might go and fuck it all up and make it like a herbal smoke or something! I have got 3 florescent tubes, ( warm white, cool white, and a...white..white, all at 21 watts, approx 3750k each) i know they aint the best. but they are working!
    The plants are just getting into their vegetative growth, and are about 2" max with nice green leaves. I can see the first true '3 leafs' forming, and that is a happy sight to know that this time it all seems to be going slightly better than pear shaped. the real point im trying to make apart from asking, how to grow the bang bang punk. I cant afford to keep picking up every couple days so its cheaper to grow my own, and i dont mind funding for some ganja plants.
    >will my plants grow well after the seedling stage with the lights i am using? (3 21watt floros. above):blsmoke:
    >Any Info on the strain ICE would be great too:hump:
    >Can i grow throughout the whole of the veg stage and grow nice bushy plants with my lights?:confused:
    >, for curiosities sake, is it ok to be having a blaze in the same room that your plants are growing in? I know you cant do it with fags, or am i wrong???

    videoman40 Well-Known Member

    Hey dude, relax so far your doing fine. just be patient and always remember....it is a weed!
    This is about your strain....
    "with ice we have successfully attempted to bring quality and quantity together. Ice has ancestors of Afghani, a very special Skunk, Northern Light, and Shiva. An intense selection process of thousands of plants was used in finding this special mix. Ice flowers are richly covered in trychomes and have a dense consistency. Buds form along main branches and there is a high flower to leaf ratio. Fastastic for hydro and soil applications. Ice is a winner of the 1998 Cannabis Cup. "

    You didnt say how many plants you have, or else I missed it. (kinda zoned right now) but it sounds like your lacking in the lighting dept. Probaly enough to get you started, you'll need to work on the lighting. How many lumens per plant? That depends on your budget, I am currently using about 9000 per plant. You need to decide on a budget for lighting, than a better recommendation can be made.

    I would never smoke anything near my plants...ever.

    ManInTheShed Well-Known Member

    i only have 3 plants. I know i am lacking in the lighting dept, but not sure how much by. I know these lights are good for seedlings, and they do look really bright to me and if i look at them for a while my eyes hurt lol, so thats gotta mean that they are kinda good for growing? I dont know how many lumens each one puts out. so if anyone knows...please let me know.

    dursky Well-Known Member


    Purple_Ganja Well-Known Member

    page is gone dude, might wanna re-post that link dursky.

    TillthedayiDIE420 Well-Known Member

    well mate, your going to have to use cool white lights for veg... then find warm light CFL's 45w will do u just fine... for a decent grow you want 5 warm CFL's Per plant so you get enough light... it wont cost too much but i think you'll have a good smoke mate.

    dankciti Well-Known Member

    can you smell that smell?? th smell of its around you.

    do you smell that smell that smell.

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