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I once knew a man from nantucket

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by AutoBerry, May 7, 2012.


    AutoBerry Active Member

    I once knew a man from nantucket,
    that grew all his shit in a bucket,
    when harvest time came,
    his shit was insane,
    so he smoked every gram and said fuck it!!

    AutoBerry Active Member

    And in a big cloud of smoke,
    While on buds he did choke,
    Found himself broke and laughed what a joke,
    He reached in a big bag of seeds,
    All he would ever need,
    He grabbed one more bucket,
    Put his seeds in the soil,
    But after harvest this time he made some hash oil,
    In the pot it did boil,
    that which came from the soil,
    He mixed chocolate and sugar and wrpped it in foil,
    And it was hash fudge he did make,
    with every bite hed shudder and shake,
    I saw him one day slithering like a snake,
    He had ate so much shit he said everything felt fake,
    Into the sun he strode with that bag,
    That pothead from nantucket,
    That man,
    Was my dad.

    dabumps Well-Known Member

    I want to be friends with your dad!!

    AutoBerry Active Member

    Haha oh yes he is quite a character

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